Okay… So bitcoin is hovering at around $221.  In other words, there is really no change whatsoever from yesterday.

This is neither bad nor good in most cases, but I’d say today, it’s actually good.  It’s staying still.  There’s no severe rise in the price, but hey… There wasn’t a drop either, and that’s a fantastic thing worth celebrating.

Granted the horrific price drops we’ve been witnessing over the past few weeks, I’m sure most would agree that staying the same is a lot better than a further plunge.  Sometimes no movement is better than drastic movement.  It’s like I’ve heard cops say before… “It’s quiet tonight.  Quiet is very good.”  Heck, I can totally see their point of view.  Quiet means that no crimes are being committed; that no one is getting hurt, that the night is taking some time away from violence and illegal activity.  The cops are not being subjected to the ugliness of society, and if all that happens that night is that they sit in their cars for a few hours munching on donuts and drinking cups of coffee, well then so be it… Who wouldn’t rather experience that than have to chase down some punk who just robbed a little old lady’s purse?

Now, what bitcoin needs to understand is that it can’t stay where it is forever.  We need it to move up again, and we’d like it to be soon.  While we appreciate that there was no drop, we’d like to see a steady rise, so maybe if we all group together and egg it on a bit, we can see that rise come to fruition sooner rather than later.

Come on, join hands… Cheer for bitcoin.  Chant its name, and maybe with enough time its confidence will grow that it decides it wants to be on top again.

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