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Bitcoin and World War T – Part 1



Bitcoin price has been soaring during the past few weeks, exceeding the $1200 mark again a couple of days ago. This recent bullish rally was associated with the recent political tensions and military actions ordered by Trump in Syria and the Western Pacific Ocean during the past week. So, will bitcoin price continue rising ahead of the tension hitting many of the world’s territories presently?


Donald Trump and Global Military Tensions:

Donald Trump seems to be far more different from Barrack Obama; he is extremely decisive, he knows what he wants and how he will make it happen. He is a man of action. The past few days have shown how Trump will always rush to his military tools to solve problems during his years of presidency, as on April 7, he gave authority to the Pentagon to launch 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack executed by the Syrian regimen.  Moreover, upon Trump’s orders, the US Pacific Command ordered an aircraft carrier, a cruiser and two destroyers to station in the Western Pacific Ocean in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile experiments.

So, Trump is a man who is decisive and firm, when it comes to military actions, on a deeply unsettled planet; the Middle East is witnessing a chaotic turmoil, Europe is struggling to exterminate a violent epidemic of terrorist attacks, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions are challenging the whole world and Russia is trying to expand its influence and challenge its neighbors.

When formulating all these parameters into a single equation; Trump’s agility along with the unrest that is affecting many of the world’s hot spots, you can imagine how the world could be a few months from now.

“World War T” is the name I gave to a World War ignited, and even led by Donald Trump. You could mark me as highly pessimistic, but the current inputs can easily lead to a massive global war, especially that great military powers are already face-to-face on several combat fields. The US and Russia are on the opposite sides of the battlefield in Syria; The US has already started to confront Pyongyang  via Gunboat Diplomacy and Iran is combating the US alliance in Syria. So, things are already on the edge, and with Trump rushing to military actions, a World War can easily be ignited.


The recent military tensions were reflected on the bitcoin price charts, as bitcoin exceeded the $1200 price mark again during the past few days, which proves the golden rule “Any instability in global politics or economy would lead to a bitcoin price surge”. A World War led by the US will definitely have negative influence on the USD, which would be accompanied by a bitcoin price surge. Any heightened concerns about the future of the fiat economy are often accompanied by increased interest in bitcoin; we have seen it happen many times e.g. the recent plummet of the Euro following Brexit was accompanied by a bullish rally that pushed bitcoin price to higher levels a few months ago.




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