So, what if Trump really sets the world on fire? What if World War T is ignited during the next few months? How would that be reflected on the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrecies? Imagine a scenario where the US gets entangled in a war with North Korea. Such a confrontation will push many of the world’s biggest military powers into the swamp of a global war.

The NATO will surely backup the US and countries like UK, France, Canada and others will be on the frontlines. Even though China’s official statement opposed the recent North Korean ballistic missiles’ experiments, it won’t stand still watching the US set the Pacific on fire, especially that China has a defense treaty with the North Korean side. Not only this, but also North Korea is one of China’s top trade partners.

The rising tension is already being reflected on the price of bitcoin and almost all popular altcoins. For the first time ever, bitcoin stabilizes above the $1200 price mark. The altcoin markets are witnessing their most prosperous era, as many altcoins have recorded their all time price highs during the past few weeks, such as ethereum, monero, dash, lisk, ripple and the list goes on. More and more money is pumped into various cryptocurrency markets, which is continuously pushing prices to the moon. If this means anything, it proves that more and more people are losing faith in the collapsing fiat economy, which is continuing to fail the world’s citizens, whether located in developed or developing countries. Fiat money is worth nothing more than the paper and ink used to print its banknotes, and most of the world’s top fiat currencies are soaked in the blood of war victims and the sweat of poorly paid workers in almost every part of the world.

Although I am very pessimistic regarding how the world would look like a few months from now, I am extremely optimistic when it comes to the near future of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin will continue rising and I expect it to exceed the $2000 price mark before the end of 2017. The price of many other coins will also rise during 2017, especially those coins which are currently undervalued including ethereum, monero, golem, gamecredits, steem, lisk and others. So, whether or not a global war is ignited, the year 2017 will most probably be the year of crypto and historical price gains are expected to be recorded. However, a world war can markedly accelerate this growth, literally pushing the prices of bitcoin and other altcoins to the moon.


Who knows? We would just have to wait and see

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