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Bitcoin’s Bullrush Continues Despite US$100 Drop yesterday Evening


It is evident Bitcoin continues to set new all-time high values all over the world right now. Over in India, the price per BTC successfully surpassed the 100,000 Rupee mark for the very first time. Things are also looking quite promising in China, where the value rose to 9,150 CNY. It is a good time to hold Bitcoin right now, that much is evident.

Bitcoin Continues A Very Bullish Trend

The past few weeks have been incredible for everyone who holds Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been setting new all-time highs every day for the past week or so. This is not just against the US Dollar or Euro, but similar results are showing up in other countries around the world. People want Bitcoin and they are starting to take the cryptocurrency seriously, for a change.

With one Bitcoin surpassing the 100,000 Rupee mark, it is obvious cryptocurrency is gaining traction in India. Many experts see this region as a primary hub for Bitcoin activity moving forward. The country is gravitating toward digital payments, and Bitcoin is perhaps the best possible choice. With its borderless and permissionless nature, Bitcoin provides something no other form of digital payment can right now.

A similar trend occurs in China, where one BTC is worth around 9,150 CNY at the time of writing. This is a very bullish trend that shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Quite interesting to note, though, as there was some major panic among Bitcoin holders and investors yesterday. The BTC price took a serious nosedive and lost over US$100 in value in the span of mere minutes.

Overnight, however, the losses were made up for the most part. One Bitcoin is trading at the US$1,595 mark once again, with OKCoin showing a price of 9,245 CNY right now. A lot of interesting things are happening in the cryptocurrency world right now, that much is certain. It seems impossible to stop Bitcoin’s momentum right now, and no one knows where this will end. A price of US$2,000 per BTC suddenly looks very easy to achieve.

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