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Bitcoin’s Popularity

· January 12, 2015 · 7:57 pm

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Bitcoin’s popularity doesn’t seem to falter.  Few can place their fingers on the exact reason why; perhaps it’s the simple reason that one no longer has to travel to a bank to make a deposit.  Others may just enjoy it being part of a growing, digital world.  Whatever fits one’s fancy, everyone likes bitcoin for different reasons.

Following the recent Bitstamp attack (which saw nearly 12 percent or $5 million in the exchange’s bitcoins being stolen), one might automatically think that trust for the digital currency would diminish, or that those who stood by it so strongly might run and hide in fear.

What about bitcoin’s recent price drop?  An unfortunate way to start out the New Year, and naturally we cannot forget about the Mt. Gox debacle, which saw to nearly half a billion dollars in lost bitcoins.  To this day, many of those bitcoins have not been found, and authorities have found few leads that might steer them in the right direction.

Given all these events, one might think that bitcoin has worn out its welcome and run its course, and yet bitcoin still managed to make quite an impression at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas, and the North American Bitcoin Conference set to take place in Miami later this month has garnered quite a following, suggesting that despite some major bloopers, bitcoin refuses to let go, as do its loyal fans.

What do you all think?  Is bitcoin here to stay?  Post your thoughts and comments below.

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