It seems there is an interesting development in the world of BitConnect. More specifically, this project was suspended quite some time ago. Additionally, the BCC Exchange is also no longer available. Or more specifically that should be the case, but things are bound to change soon. For now, the lending platform will remain suspended, yet the exchange is coming back soon. Additionally, the BitConnect X ICO will still continue regardless.

There is never a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency. Even some die-hard scams won’t stay away forever, unfortunately. For those who lost money with BitConnect, things are looking rather good. Everyone else will not care too much about the ongoing BitConnect X ICO. According to the team, they will value BCC at $150 during this crowdsale. It is a bit unclear how they aim to do that exactly, as its actual price is about one-tenth of this value.

BitConnect is not Done Scamming People

To put this into perspective, BitConnect is a big scam. Everyone knows this and when the project disappeared, no one was really surprised. What is remarkable, however, is how the team is still around as we speak. As of right now, there is a plan to convert BCC to BitConnect X ICO tokens in the near future. Even customers in the US can participate, which is rather controversial. Any ICO which issues securities needs to file with the SEC. This project is not doing so, for obvious reasons.

That is not the big news, though. Instead, the BCC Exchange will make a surprising return at some point as well. This means users can still trade and even buy this scam coin if they want to. There will also be a “new and superior” system which supports several cryptocurrencies. How that will affect BCC and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry, remains to be seen, though. Moreover, the team seems confident BCC will regain all of its lost value in quick succession.

No one in their right mind will invest in the upcoming ICO. It is a new money grab by a company known for scamming users globally. There will always be some people who think this project is still 100% legitimate. As such, they will likely buy into the ICO as well in the future. For now, we will have to wait and see how things play out. This news is not a positive development for the cryptocurrency by any means. Scam projects need to be removed in one way or another.

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