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It did not take long for someone to yell at Bitfinex once again. The infamous Bitfinex’ed account is back on Twitter in full force. It is evident this individual still has a lot of issues to settle with the exchange. It is worth mentioning this Twitter account was suspended a few hours ago. Ever since that time, it was only a matter of time until things returned back to normal. As one would come to expect, the Bitfinex’ed account is not done just yet. In fact, some new “evidence’ has come to services.

The suspension of this Twitter account is highly controversial. While Bitfinex’ed has some strong opinions on Bitfinex and Tether, there is no reason to ban him or her from social media. For some reason, Twitter received sufficient complaints to get rid of the account altogether. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t last all that long. Earlier today, Bitfinex’ed began tweeting once again. It is still unclear why this account went dark for a while or how the situation was resolved so quickly.

Bitfinex’ed is Back in Action

It seems there are some bot-based reports to take into account. Unlike what people may think, Twitter bots are very real. Most of them focus on following and retweeting, but they also have reporting functions. With enough people or bots to report tweets, it’s only a matter of time until Twitter takes notice. More specifically, Bitfinex’ed claims a few thousand bots were deployed in quick succession. It seems the account also gained over 400,000 potentially fake followers in the past few weeks.

Who is behind all of this, remains a big mystery for the time being. No one even knows who Bitfinex’ed is in real life either. Twitter acknowledges the ban was a big mistake and apologized for this unfortunate event. The relationship between Tether and Bitfinex is still very questionable as of right now. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suspect foul play despite how shady things may look.

It will be interesting to see how Bitfinex’ed will move on. More specifically, a recent tweet discusses the relationship between Tether and Friedman LLP. That relationship dissolved rather abruptly without much further explanation. Bitfinex’ed is convinced this is a move initiated by the auditor rather than Tether themselves. Whether or not that is effectively true, has yet to be determined at this time. Rest assured there are a lot of strong opinions on this development.

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