The Bitcoin community has always stood up whenever there has been a natural calamity. We saw it come together and raise funds for the victims of Typhoon in Philippines, Nepal earthquake and now we can see the same thing happening again, in support of those affected by floods in Georgia.

The Georgian Co-Investment Fund, a Tbilisi based private investment fund has partnered with the Bitcoin ASIC and server manufacturer, BitFury to raise funds for the victims of recent floods in Georgia. The fundraising campaign aims to raise funds in the form of Bitcoin to help those in need of assistance.

According to the official reports, the floods in Tbilisi earlier this month caused at least 12 deaths and twice the numbers missing. The floods washed away houses, leaving a lot of people homeless. Apart from that, over 200 animals from the local zoo perished during the floods.

In a statement, the CEO of BitFury, Mr. Valery Vavilov expressed his condolences for those who were affected by the floods.  He also announced that BitFury is donating bitcoins to support the victims of floods and appealed to the community to come forward and donate Bitcoin for the cause. The company along with Georgian Co-Investment Fund has opened a joint Bitcoin wallet to collect these donations.

Recently, many Bitcoin based businesses and news sites like BitPay, ChangeTip, CoinTelegraph, BitGive Foundation, igot, NewsBTC organized online fundraising campaigns to raise Bitcoin donations for the Nepal earthquake victims after an earthquake of 7.8 in magnitude rocked the Himalayan nation of Nepal on April 25 causing wide-spread damage to life and property. Close to 10,000 people were reportedly killed due to the earthquake and following aftershocks while more than 23,000 were injured.

It is already proven that Bitcoin is ideal for online fundraising, due to faster, more economical and secure money transfer. It also makes the whole fundraising process more transparent.

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