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Bitgert Coin Price Rally: Exchange Growth Catalyst for Price Increase


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According to many experts, the crypto market is about to witness a surge in activities and investors. The aftermath of the bitcoin halving will be interesting, and investors will be there for it.

Before the Bitcoin halving, there was much speculation about the fate of altcoins after the halving, knowing how much the Bitcoin price controls the crypto market dynamics.

All that uncertainty and speculation has been put to bed now. Gradually, altcoins are beginning to pick up their paces on the price charts, and the market might be bullish in a matter of days.

Bitgert Coin (BRISE) is one of the top altcoins to watch. The coin’s Bitgert blockchain is gaining popularity among developers and investors, and the surge in the blockchain could just be enough to pump the coin to the moon. And there’s even more.

Bitgert Blockchain: Partnerships and Efficiency

Some of the Bitgert layer 1 blockchain’s popularity comes from its partnership with other industry players and developers. The blockchain houses big projects like Coin Rabbit, Chain GPT, Magic Square and many others.

Many new DApps continue to be drawn to the project, and the reason is clear: the Bitgert blockchain has one of the fastest transaction processing speeds and is one of the most affordable networks in the blockchain. The Bitgert network can efficiently run about 100,000 transactions in one second, and the network has completed over 25 million transactions so far.

The blockchain attracts investors with zero fees and PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus. Bitgert’s PoA requires only a few validators for approval and is energy efficient.

The Bitgert project also partners with media companies to scale its publicity efforts. PR agencies like Coin Telegraph, Mashable and DTC Group are in charge of creating awareness about the coin.

Deflation and Scarcity for Bitgert Coin Price Surge

Since its launch price in 2021, the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) has grown by more than 40,000%. If you’re wondering how, the secret is in its token burns. On every transaction, the Bitgert project burns 12% of the amount of tokens transacted. Doing this continuously helps guard the Bitgert Coin (BRISE) against inflation and creates a scarcity to drive up demand for the token.

So far, more than 36% of the Bitgert token supply has been burned, and the token isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

With Bitgert Coin (BRISE) serving as the native token on the Bitgert network, only a few tokens out there can boast as much utility as Bitgert. The coin is currently priced at $0.0000001841 per token, trading at a 3.12% daily uptrend. The Bitgert Coin has all it takes to lead a price rally, and you don’t want to be the investor that misses out on the opportunity to invest now.


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