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Bitgert Coin’s Ascent: Tracking the Similarities to Solana’s Trajectory!


The blockchain community requires large-scale transformation to expand the use of DeFi across the world. Coins like Solana entered the market with the same goal to improve the scaling of the blockchain networks and improve the computation and speed of transactions. Having reached a certain scale now, Solana has slowed down on the way to revolutionizing the blockchain world, opening up space for newer players to enter the market.


Bitgert is now taking charge when it comes to modernizing blockchain technology. The advantages offered by Bitgert have attracted multiple web3 projects on a large scale. Moreover, Bitgert’s BRISE coin is also taking part in improvising the transactional network of the blockchain system. Owing to all the offerings of Bitgert, the crypto market is also supporting its trajectory to the top.


Let’s find out how Bitgert is rising through the ranks and if it follows Solana’s trajectory to the high table.

Looking at Solana’s Trajectory

Solana entered the market in 2020 to expand the use of DeFi in the world. It makes use of a mix of PoH and PoS consensus mechanisms to provide faster transactions and ease of computation. The smart contract functionality on the Solana ecosystem enabled users to be able to run huge web3 projects on the network.


Solana created an image in the market for being the Ethereum killer. The image turned up because of the exceptional speed, i.e. 65k TPS, that it offered to the users. Also, the architecture of the Solana chain offered usage at very low transaction costs.


The transactions on the Solana chain are immutable and secure owing to its consensus mechanisms. The trajectory followed by Solana in the crypto world was based on offering speed and scalability to crypto projects. But now, the whole ecosystem has slowed down as Solana reaches a saturation point. This has opened up space for newcomers that offer even better features than Solana, like the Bitgert chain.

Bitgert’s Rise as Solana Killer

The entry of the Bitgert chain into the crypto world was in late 2021. But the two years that followed, proved to be not so great for the crypto community. But in 2024, Bitgert is rising up to its true potential, as it offers exceptional features to the users.


Bitgert entered the market to provide scalability and modernize the blockchain ecosystem. Today, Bitgert is hailed as a potential altcoin killer. Bitgert works on PoA mechanism in combination with PoS to offer ease of computation, scalability of the transactions and lightning-fast speed. The transaction speed over Bitgert is 100k TPS which is even higher than Solana’s. Also, the near zero gas fee by the Bitgert chain attracts more users to the Bitgert network.

Bitgert is also EVM compatible and has a web3-centric product development architecture to offer. Bitgert’s BRISE coin is also leading the charge in the crypto market against other players. Since the launch, this BRC-20 token of the Bitgert chain has jumped by 40,000%, making it one of the fastest rises in the market. Bitgert and its native token are following similar paths as Solana did, to improvise the use of blockchain technology but doing it even better.


Solana has reached a stage where people are searching for even better alternatives. Bitgert offers a chance for creators and developers to host huge web3 projects at low cost and even faster computation. With more and more projects being added to Bitgert, it is clear that even though it followed Solana’s tracks, Bitgert is going to reach even higher points. So, you can too invest in Bitgert and its native token, to ride this train to glory.

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