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Exchanges often don’t publicly comment on SegWit2x trading. BitMEX has done things slightly differently, to say the least. In fact, the company has no love lost for this upcoming hard The company refers to this fork as “ShitCoin2x” and even offers trading advice. More specifically, they caution users to dump these coins as soon as possible.

Rest assured there will be some more debates regarding SegWit2x moving forward. This upcoming Bitcoin hard fork has been a topic of controversy for some time now. Some people claim it will replace Bitcoin. Others think it is a free airdrop and will sell their coins as soon as possible. BitMEX, one of the top exchanges among speculators, offered their two cents on SegWit2x trading. More specifically, they feel people need to sell all coins as quickly as possible.

BitMEX Doesn’t Like B2X Whatsoever

This is a rather interesting stance, to say the very least. We do know BitMEX will not support most trading markets for this new altcoin. Futures and swap contracts on BTC/USD and BTC/JPY will not be accessible for SegWit2x purposes.In the same post, the company talks about how to handle this fork moving forward. Sending coins to exchanges supporting B2X is the best course of action.

However, BitMEX feels people shouldn’t hold on to B2X for too long. The post mentions “he who sells first, sells best”. An interesting stance, although one that makes a lot of sense as well. Similar to Bitcoin Cash, B2X will be heavily traded during the first 48 hours. It may even reach a very high value, for all we know. Sustaining such a value will be a different matter altogether, though.

Whether or not anyone will head BitMEX’s advice, remains to be seen. The company is incredibly outspoken regarding this “shitcoin” these days. It is doubtful B2X will dethrone Bitcoin any time soon. People hold out similar hopes for BCH, but that is quickly turning into delusion as well. Bitcoin is better than ever, especially with some of the toxic community members doing their own thing right now. The SegWit2x chain will see some more changes in this regard. BitMEX is clearly not in favor of B2X by any means.

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