The Syrian refugee crisis is getting worse with each passing day. The recent tragedy involving refugees on Turkish shores caused a worldwide stir. The photographs of a small kid who was washed ashore lying face down captured the world’s attention. The resulting outcry has got European nations rethinking their stance towards refugees.

The Arab countries continue to be indifferent towards refugees and European nations have been no different for some time. As EU nations ponder on whether to offer refuge to displaced Syrians, BitNation has swung into action by launching its own emergency response program, without waiting for elected governments’ response to the escalating crisis.

BitNation is a borderless, decentralized voluntary collaborative governance platform offering services similar to those provided by the government. BitNation is a global platform with transparency built on blockchain technology. The BitNation Refugee Emergency Response program aims to offer much needed aid and emergency services to refugees.

BitNation will be deploying blockchain technology to manage and execute the relief project. Refugees will be assigned Blockchain Emergency ID as part of the relief program to authenticate and validate each person. It will serve as a document proof of identity for those who do not have any such document on them, and it will also help the organizations manage relief activities. Along with Blockchain Emergency IDs, they will also be issued BitNation Bitcoin Visa Debit Cards.

By providing refugees with these documents, BitNation aims to make it easier for the accepting countries to process them and execute the required paperwork or documentation in accordance to international laws. It will also ease the burden on receiving states.

BitNation Refugee Emergency Response is working together with other international organizations like UNHCR, OHCHR and UNPO, which are also striving to deliver humanitarian and emergency aid to these refugees.

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