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BitPay Launches the Release Version of Copay Wallet


Copay Bitcoin wallet was recently released by BitPay. Founded in 2011, BitPay has established itself as one of the leading Bitcoin based payment processors in the market right. It is among the very first companies to work in the Bitcoin sector. The company has over 60,000 merchants using their platform which is the highest in the world right now. Labelled as the “true” Bitcoin wallet, Copay is a highly secure, shared wallet system which is finally released after more than a year of testing.

Unlike other online third-party wallets, Copay wallet offers its users complete control over their Bitcoin by eliminating middlemen (wallet services which stores Bitcoins in your account on their platform). By handing over complete control of Bitcoin to the users, Copay eliminates the risk associated with hacking incidents.

Copay offers multiple security features for the users, including an option to use multi-signature feature along with future proof backups which ensures that the users will always have access to their Bitcoin. According to the company, they have built the Copay wallet by keeping their own requirements in mind and they claim that wallet is secure enough for BitPay to store its own funds.

Copay offers a lot of flexibility for the users, allowing them to create multiple wallets on a single application. This feature comes in handy for those people, who have to maintain multiple accounts for personal and business use. It is also possible to create shared wallets by using the multi-sig feature for companies where any withdrawal or spending requires approval from multiple individuals.

Built on Bitcore open source platform, Copay can be customized to suit the requirements of enterprise users and deployed as a different version of Copay application and Bitcoin Wallet Service. Copay is now available on a wide range of devices. The compatible versions are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Linux etc.


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