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BitPlay Club to Disrupt Industry by Integrating Blockchain with Lottery


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The increasing popularity of blockchain-based platforms is changing the preference and the mindsets of people to a great extent, leading to the need for trustless, decentralized and speedy services. One of the industries witnessing the dire need for such transparent and trustless ecosystem is that of “game of chance” — an industry consisting of traditional betting and lottery platforms. Existing traditional platforms, being deprived of the inherent mechanism to ensure credibility, transparency, and prevention of fraud or misuse, are highly prone to rigging and manipulation, creating confidence issues leading to concerns regarding fair play. BitPlay Club, a blockchain-based lottery platform addresses these challenges smartly.

The Background

The features required by today’s customers include easy-to-use lottery format, fair and transparent drawing process and quick prize payouts. These features are possible with blockchain technologies.

How Does BitPlay Club Bring These Features?

BitPlay Club is all about a user-friendly and an auditable fair lottery format, based on a user-friendly formula published on the lottery website and the hash values of Bitcoin blocks found recently. Participants on the platform select numbers as per specified deadlines, and the winning ones are calculated based on the hashes of recently mined Bitcoin blocks as soon as the deadline expires.

What’s Exclusive?

BitPlay Club provides users not just an opportunity to win but also brings entertainment to them. Being customer-focused, the company has created a service that is user-friendly, simple and attracts both new and experienced players in the lottery industry. The formula for calculating the winning numbers is open to auditing and anyone can participate in the lottery by getting the numbers that won independently from Bitcoin blockchain. It ensures the proper and reliable functioning of the formula.

The company believes that the degree of transparency and clarity they have brought to the lottery in the form of BitPlay Club will enhance the industry landscape and help meet the rising demand for trustless lottery transactions. If you find the current product matching your needs, the platform will keep providing you with new lottery products continuously. With frequent iterations and the introduction of new products, BitPlay Club looks forward to maintaining a good pace and relationship with the community. Users can share their feedback and recommendations with BitPlay Club and the development team will implement it at the earliest to ensure highest-quality user satisfaction.

BitPlay Club intends to lead the market by being a mainstream blockchain lottery platform, building a transparent relationship with the users while implementing a reliable drawing process, and 100% fair play. Both Android and iOS users can use BitPlay Club launched on December 8, 2017. The platform has completed 48 draws up till now. The jackpot is still open to participating and as of today, the pool stands at above 4.2 BTC.

To know more about the platform and exploit the attractive lottery opportunities, please visit



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