Bitreserve, one of the hottest Bitcoin based start-ups at the moment has announced the release of its API for developers. Developers can now access Bitreserve APIs, app directory and developer community on the company’s Bitreserve Connect platform.  By launching developer tools and platform, the company, known for its transparency and free of charge financial service will now enable its partner companies to integrate Bitreserve’s services and functionality into their financial service application.

Announcement about the launch of Bitreserve Connect was made by the founder of Bitreserve, Halsey Minor on the company’s blog page. By opening up the API for developers, Bitreserve now enables start-ups and businesses in financial services domain to use various feature offered by Bitreserve cloud money platform inside their applications. The applications can incorporate Bitreserve’s speed, flexibility, transparency, security and regulatory features into their applications.

Bitreserve Connect will come in handy for start-ups, as these readily integrable APIs will reduce the costs and time associated with development by a huge margin.  Nowadays both conventional and Bitcoin based financial services are required to adhere to the AML and KYC regulations and those using Bitreserve Connect can easily incorporate the AML and KYC security and information infrastructure available on the platform.

The Bitreserve Connect App Directory already has three applications – LibertyX, Bitwage and Easy.Money. LibertyX brings financial services to the unbanked. Targeted especially towards migrant workers, they can directly convert their pay check or cash deposit into Bitcoin either store it or send it back home. In order to overcome the volatility associated with Bitcoin, one can choose to hold it in Bitcurrency.

Bitwage facilitates paying wages to the international workforce with Bitcoin, enabling easier and faster money transfer while avoiding expensive commission and forex charges. Employees can choose to receive their salary in either Bitcoin or local fiat currency.

Easy.Money allows users to send a gift card of any value in any currency in any part of the world over email. The gift card value can be redeemed on Bitreserve by the recipient and choose the way they want to spend it.

With the launch of Bitreserve Connect, we can expect more financial services applications developed in the coming days. The use of transparent and robust Bitreserve platform in these applications will be an added advantage for both app developers and users.

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