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Bitwala Now Allows Businesses to Use Their Services


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Bitcoin and freelancers are a great fit. Freelancers can virtually be in any corner of the globe and still work for the clients. Even companies prefer freelancers because it will let them gain ready access to the kind talent of their choice without having to keep them on the company’s payroll for full-time.

In most of the freelancer- employer arrangements, both parties will be located in completely different geographical areas. When it comes to making payments for their services bitcoin makes life so much easier for both the parties. Bitcoin transactions are almost instant; transaction fees are very low compared to conventional money transfer methods.

There are few companies that offer bitcoin payroll services. Now we have Bitwala, another new player in the market. Even though Bitwala has been around for a while now, the company recently made the platform available for freelancers and businesses. Bitwala announced this new service earlier today in a blog post.

Bitwala is a remittance platform that allows people to send money through bitcoin across international borders. The platform transmits money as bitcoin, but while settling the transaction, it will be deposited into the recipient’s account as local fiat currency.

In order to offer the benefits of bitcoin to businesses, Bitwala has started the special offering, where businesses, no matter how big or small can avail this service. Business users get special dedicated support. There is no higher transaction limit for businesses users either so that they can settle the accounts without having to worry about exceeding the upper transaction limit.

With Bitwala, companies will be able to transfer funds across the world at low costs. They will be able to avoid not only the hefty transaction fees but also avoid the forex conversion fees. It will prove to be a lot of savings to the companies doing business internationally.

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