The present day tech driven world has got everyone on their toes, the whole time. People have become so busy with their work (which is mostly a desk job) that fitness takes a back seat in their minds. However, it need not be the case anymore. If people are incentivized for doing physical activity, like running or walking a certain distance every day, there us a great chance of the conditions improving.

The new digital currency called BitWalking dollars does just that. While many features in BitWalking application and BitWalking dollars are similar to that of other digital currencies, there is only one way to gain it and that’s by walking. Yes, you heard it right, one has to do some actual work (read physical activity) to earn these BitWalking dollars.

In order to use the application, the users must first request for an invite on their website. As the platform is still in beta stage, the users will have to wait for BitWalking to approve their invite request and then send them a link from which they can download the application. Once the application is downloaded and installed, they can use it to measure the distance they walk every day. The distance walked by the app user is converted into BitWalking dollars which they can later use on the platform’s BitWalking Store to buy merchandise or convert it into cash.

BitWalking promotes a healthy as well as green lifestyle by encouraging its users to walk instead of using their motor vehicles, while earning in the process. Currently, the application awards one BitWalking dollar for every 10000 steps and the steps are measured by the BitWalking app installed on the smart phone similar to other fitness and running applications.

One can request for a BitWalking invite at the following link.

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