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Black Friday Shopping With a Twist — Bitcoin Black Friday


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It is again that time of the year when retailers are busy catering to thousands, if not millions of shoppers shopping for gifts for themselves and their near and dear ones. After all it is the holiday season, followed by Thanksgiving in the United States. Today is better known as Black Friday and it is usually raining discounts and offers across outlets, both online and offline.

Holiday season shopping and spending patterns are studied by various companies to analyze changing trends in the tech and payments industry. Mobile payments have been leading the race from the past couple of years. Will it be any different this year? Is it possible for the bitcoin to present itself as a strong and worthy contender to mobile (fiat) payments?

In order to encourage people to spend bitcoin on their online shopping, the bitcoin community has come up with their own version of Black Friday and it is called the Bitcoin Black Friday. The Bitcoin Black Friday is the brainchild of a bitcoin entrepreneur by the name Jon Holmquist, who started it a couple of years ago. This is the third edition of the event where a lot of companies have come forward to list their best deals on the Bitcoin Black Friday webpage. Most of the vendors listed on the Bitcoin Black Friday webpage are offering huge discounts ranging anywhere between 5% to 75% depending upon the kind of product.

The products listed on the website ranges from subscription to VPN services to Trezor hardware bitcoin wallets. There are more offers that are constantly being added to the list as well. While these offers do look attractive, how it will fare by the end of this day is yet to be observed.

It is not just the bitcoin industry that is closely observing the payment trends, even the smartphone manufacturers are looking at the performance of their customers when it comes to using Apple Pay, S Pay and more.

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