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Blockchain-Based COVID App Proves Quite Popular


Civic Technologies – a startup based in San Francisco – is developing a new blockchain application that will allow people to prove to their employees that they don’t have COVID-19.

Civic Technologies Looks to Blockchain to Battle Coronavirus

COVID-19 – or the coronavirus, as its more commonly called – first came about in December of 2019. Developed allegedly in a Chinese lab, the virus spread like mad throughout several regions of the world including Europe, the United States and other parts of Asia, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and more than a million cases at the time of writing. The illness has got everyone on pins and needles as several companies compete to release their vaccines first, which likely won’t be ready until next year at the very earliest.

For those looking to return to their lives as usual or go back to work and begin earning a paycheck again, Civic Technologies is working to make that happen. The company has recently raised $43 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) and has partnered up with a venture known as Circle Medical. The new blockchain-based application it’s developing will allow employees to register their data and hold records on their phones that prove they’ve tested negative for COVID.

In addition, once a vaccine is created, they’ll be able to show their employers and others that they’ve been vaccinated. The app is currently available through the Apple App Store and through Google Play. At press time, it has been downloaded more than 12,000 times, while approximately 100,000 people are on a waiting list to get their own versions of the app.

Vinny Lingham – the 41-year-old founder and CEO of Civic Technologies – said in a statement that people downloading the application don’t have to worry about sharing their private data with anyone. He explained how the process works by mentioning:

You don’t have to transmit your name or anything like that. So, you can walk into a stadium anonymously like you do today, but just prove that as you walk through the gates that you’ve been vaccinated.

Proving You’re Not Sick

To use the app, individuals must create a three-dimensional face map with a video recording system. They must also verify their phone number and their email address and upload a government-issued identification card such as a driver’s license to prove that they are the true holders of the app.

The product is based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology, meaning it also boasts smart contract capabilities and gives users the ability to trade, sell and purchase CVC, which is the native digital token of Civic Technologies. The digital funds they earn are stored in a wallet and can be used to verify their identity should they ever be required to prove their vaccination or health history.


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