ALAX’s token-based technology will provide access to tens of millions of ‘unbanked’

customers worldwide

– ALAX TGE set to commence on April 17th 2018, with the platform scheduled to be

available immediately following its conclusion

Hong Kong, February 22nd 2018 — ALAX, a new venture between blockchain technology
company DECENT and games distribution platform Dragonfly, has today released a white paper
outlining further details of its token structure and confirming that it’s TGE will commence on April
17th 2018.

A number of intended partnerships are set to be announced in the coming days, which will see
the platform preinstalled on millions of smartphones, particularly in the fast-growing South-East
Asian and South Asian mobile markets.

Access to millions of ‘unbanked’ consumers

The token-based ALAX platform will give developers access to tens of millions of game and app
consumers who do not use credit or debit cards (the World Bank Global Finance Index 2014
identified 2 billion ‘unbanked’ adults worldwide), yet do have relatively easy access to cash and
3G/LTE smartphones.

With the ALAX platform, customers will be able to purchase ALA tokens in cash through the
existing Dragonfly retailer network. ALA tokens are then used in-app to purchase games and
apps direct from the developer. Not only does this quicken the transaction, and reduce the price
of content, it also opens gaming and app purchases to customers without access to traditional
methods of payment.

The platform will also represent a fairer deal for developers: DECENT estimates that traditional
purchase methods result in game developers currently receiving a maximum of 70% profit from
an app, with payments often taking 3-6 months to be processed. In contrast, ALA token
payments will be made directly to the developer, and can then be exchanged for a FIAT
currency (USD, EUR, THB, PH, etc) at any time.

Mobile games revenue in Southeast Asia is predicted to reach $2.4 billion by 2021 and, with
other intended partnerships also in the pipeline, ALAX is set to provide app and game
developers with access to millions of new consumers in emerging markets.

TGE to commence on April 17th 2018

The ALAX Token Generation Event (TGE) is set to commence on April 17th, and will last 6
days. 1 billion ALX tokens will be issued, and these tokens can be used to acquire ALA tokens
(tied to FIAT and used for in-platform purchases) on the one-way ALX/ALA exchange at a 20%
discount, with full details available in a published one pager.
The ALAX platform will be immediately available to consumers and developers following the
TGE’s conclusion.

About ALAX

ALAX is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform, based on blockchain technology, which is set to
transform the gaming industry around the world. It is a joint venture from blockchain technology
business DECENT and app and game distribution platform Dragonfly, and aims to provide a
platform for content creators and gamers alike, including ‘unbanked’ consumers worldwide.

Name: Elle Bird
Phone: 1-646- 480-0356


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