The digital currency and blockchain platform Emercoin has recently launched its Blockchain Engine an application that provides developers and businesses with the opportunity to create services on top of the Emer blockchain.

“Blockchain Engine (BcE) is a platform designed for developers. BcE offers a suite of tools to create applications and services based off of the Emer blockchain. Not only is it simple to install, configure and integrate into any project, it’s widely available, offered in Microsoft’s Azure platform where it can be deployed on Ubuntu, in the cloud. You can manage it via JSON-RPC, a very simple protocol, and a web-interface.”  ~ Emercoin

Emercoin is looking to offer individuals and companies scalable enterprise-ready distributed ledger services. With its latest release of its Blockchain Engine the team believes they can “spur new levels of innovation.” The Emer platform was founded by Eugene Shumilov who believes Emercoin can become a leader in the crowd amongst the blockchain industry. With Blockchain Engine, the developers hope to “remove the barrier of entry” in the distributed ledger technology sector. Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer said of the platform’s public launch:

“Blockchain Engine is a development driven platform allowing anyone to become part of the most functional blockchain available today for business and personal use. The blockchain community now has an easy to use environment to create innovative applications and services on the Emercoin blockchain,” ~ Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer, Emercoin

The market capitalization of Emercoin has grown quite bit and is currently over $6 million USD placing at the top 22 coins out of 668 tokens listed on coin market cap. Alongside this growth the Emer platform is a member of the Microsoft Azure blockchain cloud-based project. Marley Gray Director of Microsoft Azure announced the collaboration with the Emer platform and others back in January. The fully fledged development platform Blockchain Engine will focus on a broad range of development such as:

  • Digital rights
  • Internet security
  • Distributed advertising
  • Censorship resistant DNS
  • Proof of ownership
  • Internet Of Things

Emer says it already has ready-made solutions, support, quick executions, and developer on-boarding capacity. The founders and developers of the Emer blockchain feel this will help continued interest in the Emer project. The team has a few interesting applications mentioned that could be developed such as EMC ATOM that is a “bidirectional, secure transaction between two parties, regardless of confidence level.” Other concepts include a decentralized pay-per-click network, and the EMC InfoCard that stores digital cards in any format. The Emer team states they hope to streamline blockchain applications to anyone with this platform and its simple framework aims to accomplish this goal.

Source: Blockchain Engine

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