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Blockchain Gaming Platform Project ORB Welcomes Diecast As Latest Partner


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Issuing tradeable digital assets on the blockchain makes perfect sense. When Spells of Genesis came up with this concept, the world of trading cards was taken by storm. The concept was taken one step further when Project ORB announced the Book of Orbs mobile application. Thanks to a new partnership with Diecast, Project ORB has been taken to a whole new level.

Diecast Orbs Arrive In Book of Orbs

For those who are unaware, the Book of Orbs is a mobile app that acts as an enhanced bitcoin wallet. Players can store and own their virtual game assets in this application. Moreover, the Book of Orbs can collect, send, and trade these blockchain assets – called ORBS – which creates an entirely new ecosystem for in-game assets as a whole. Additionally, this improves the relationship between game developers and player.

Several games have partnered with Project ORB over the past few months. Spells of Genesis is one of those partners, bringing their trading cards to the blockchain. Force of Will is a popular trading card game worldwide, which sees merit in Project ORB as well. Using the Book of Orbs, every in-game item in Force of Will becomes a valuable and tradeable asset. Last but not least, geocaching app Takara lets players pick up bitcoin allow over the world. ORBS, issued over the Counterparty protocol, can be used for promotions and events for any and all game son the ORB platform.

A few days ago, a partnership between the Diecast team and Project ORB was announced. Diecast targets the rally fanbase with their top quality rally car replica. As a result of this partnership, users can collect and trade digital assets on the bitcoin blockchain in the form of Diecast ORBS. Eighteen different types of ORBS – all of which have three levels of rarity – were issued and added to the Book of Orbs. All assets can be traded for BitCrystals through the application as well.

Project Orb Project Lead and IndieSquare Cofounder Koji Higashi stated:

“We are still exploring the possibilities of using blockchain technology to help Diecast with its collectibles. The blockchain enables a new and unique intersection between the physical and the digital collectible world and we believe there are plenty of interesting opportunities there. Orb’s open nature allows third-party devs to take advantage of technically any other tokens on the blockchain as they see fit to attract more users to their own services.”

At the end of the current Special of Genesis rewards season, several Diecast ORBs will be distributed as rewards. Other distribution pathways will be announced in due time. SaruTobi has announced they will distribute 10 Silver and 50 Bronze cards between users who share  a screenshot on Twitter depicting their furthest distance in FlyBy mode with the appropriate hashtag. Takara will also be a part of the Diecast ORBs distribution between February 27th and March 13th. A detailed post on how this process works can be found here.

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