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Blockchain Wallet Finally Wraps up Bitcoin Cash Integration


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More and more Bitcoin wallets are enabling support for Bitcoin Cash right now. Blockchain.info is the latest one to do so in this regard. It is unclear what took the company so long, but the end result is what really matters.Users can now effectively store their BCH balance in the wallet. Moreover, outstanding balances have been credited. A welcome turn of events, even though BCH continues to struggle for traction.

Blockchain.info has always been one of the biggest wallet providers in cryptocurrency. That is not entirely surprising whatsoever. The company provides a convenient, albeit somewhat centralized service. In recent times, the company official rebranded to Blockchain. As part of this renewed focus, the company is wrapping up Bitcoin Cash integration after an eight-week wait. It is due time this happens, mind you, as users have been waiting for their coins far too long.

BCH Integration Finally Complete for Blockchain

Although Blockchain always stated integration of BCH would take weeks, people had hope for a quicker resolution. Then again, it is better to take the time and do things properly. In this company’s case, they did exactly that. In a way, the delay is a bit problematic, but they are effectively coming through for the users. As a result, users will now see their BCH balance in the Blockchain wallet. Additionally, the wallet now supports the use and transfer of this altcoin.

This means there is another major wallet officially supporting Bitcoin Cash right now. With this number growing continuously, things are looking pretty good for the Bitcoin fork. It is highly doubtful SegWit2x will get such a degree of support in this regard. Then again, nothing has been set in stone just yet, as a lot of things remain subject to change.For Bitcoin Cash, things are gradually improving, even though the price doesn’t reflect it just yet. It will be interesting to see how things change in the coming weeks.

This also means virtually all companies have effectively issued BCH tokens to all users. The long wait is finally over in this regard, by the look of things. Blockchain also guarantees users will retain full access to their BCH balance in the near future. This is a very positive sign, to say the very least. No one wants to give up control over their money in the long run. It remains to be seen how this situation evolves. More liquidity in the markets will lead to a lower BCH price, though.

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