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BlockDAG Presale Surges to $32.8M Amid Viral Keynote Buzz, Outshines Ethereum Price Rally and Polkadot Funding


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The SEC approval of Ethereum ETF’s first spot recently caused Ethereum’s rally. However, a rejection could deflate the price rally.

Meanwhile, Polimec has launched a decentralized funding protocol to democratize early-stage funding for Polkadot ecosystem projects.

On the other hand, BlockDAG’s presale, currently in Batch 15, has grossed $32.8 million, significantly boosted by a viral keynote video launched at Shibuya Crossing. This video highlighted BlockDAG’s integration with major DeFi exchange platforms and showcased lucrative profit opportunities and passive income streams like the behemoth X100 mining device. Experts now predict a 30,000x ROI for BlockDAG, positioning it as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Ethereum Price Rally Faces Skepticism 

Ethereum is drawing attention from crypto traders amid approval of the first spot Ethereum ETF by the SEC. Despite the recent Ethereum price rally skepticism looms. A Sentiment report shows a surge in open interest in Ethereum futures contracts, while CoinGlass data reveals many ETHs in open interest.

However, concerns grow as analysts warn that the hype may be overblown. Despite optimistic projections, there is caution that the SEC approval may not potentially bring up the Ethereum price rally and market enthusiasm.

Decentralized Polkadot Funding Protocol Launch

Polimec has launched a decentralized funding protocol for Polkadot ecosystem projects, aiming to democratize early-stage Polkadot funding with built-in compliance tools. The platform, launched on May 20, focuses on transparency and community-driven compliance, allowing projects to review investor eligibility. While Polimec doesn’t assume compliance responsibility, it offers effective compliance management tools.

After fundraising, projects issue tokens to investors, which convert to mainnet tokens upon project launch. Compliance is crucial, especially in the U.S., where the SEC has targeted projects over unregistered securities offerings. Polimec’s first project, Apillon, provides infrastructure solutions for web3 developers, simplifying dApp development.

BlockDAG’s Shibuya Appearance and Miner X100

BlockDAG has experienced significant momentum in the cryptocurrency market, enhancing its visibility with a thorough presentation of its exclusive keynote video. This video provided detailed insights into its project and products, attracting widespread attention. Notably, the keynote was prominently showcased on billboards at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, a bustling pedestrian area renowned globally. This strategic marketing move underscores the potency of effective branding in the fiercely competitive crypto industry.

The keynote showcased BlockDAG’s integration with prominent DeFi exchange platforms such as Bitget and CoinEx, alongside the introduction of its mining devices and a user-friendly crypto payment card. Developed in collaboration with top banking-as-a-service providers, this card allows effortless spending of BDAG and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, without the need for transaction approvals or intricate KYC procedures. The card is accepted by 38 million merchants worldwide and exemplifies BlockDAG’s dedication to innovation.

Furthermore, BlockDAG’s keynote showcased its cutting-edge X series ASIC mining technology, emphasizing its commitment to easy and efficient passive income. The highlight was the X100, a powerhouse in cryptocurrency mining with a 2 TH/s hash rate and 1800W power consumption, capable of earning up to 2,000 BDAG daily, equating to $100 at the official launch price. It balances high performance with controlled noise, utilizes advanced ASIC technology for efficient block mining, and offers scalability for evolving needs, making it ideal for serious miners.


Following the Ethereum rally, caution is advised, as the SEC’s rejection of the spot ETH ETF could deflate the rally. Meanwhile, Polimec aims to democratize early-stage Polkadot funding by launching a decentralized protocol for Polkadot ecosystem projects, providing more accessible and equitable funding opportunities.

On the other hand, BlockDAG’s keynote showcase at the bustling Shibuya Crossing has skyrocketed its presale to new heights. Entering Batch 15 with 9.8 billion coins and 6,209 miners sold, including the powerful X100, BlockDAG has generated an impressive $32.8 million in revenue, with $2.7 million coming from miner sales alone. This remarkable success has led experts to predict a staggering 30,000x ROI potential, positioning BlockDAG as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

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