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BlockDAG Shines With $37M Presale Following The Dashboard Update As NEAR and Avalanche Prices Climb


In the bustling crypto market, NEAR Protocol and Avalanche are posting substantial gains, forecasting a bright future for their respective prices. Amidst these rising stars, BlockDAG distinguishes itself as the prime investment choice, boasting a successful presale that garnered over $37 million. A recent update to its dashboard has further refined the community experience, making BlockDAG a beacon of growth and transparency in the crypto universe.

Performance and Prospects of NEAR Protocol

Early 2024 saw NEAR crypto’s price skyrocket by 140%, peaking at $9 on March 15. Although it has slightly pulled back, NEAR stands resilient, only 12% shy of its high. Innovations by the NEAR Foundation, such as a new AI R&D lab and an incubator, are fueling excitement, aiming to position NEAR as the epicenter of AI within web3.

Future forecasts for NEAR suggest it might ascend to between $11.88 and $12.36. With its Total Value Locked (TVL) nearing a record $360 million, the outlook remains bullish despite signs of possible corrections. These AI-driven initiatives paint a positive future for NEAR, keeping analysts optimistic about its upward trajectory.

Avalanche (AVAX) Price Surge and Gaming Innovations

Recently, Avalanche’s price leaped to monthly highs of $41.07, later steadying at $40.81. Encouraging indicators, including a golden cross on the 4-hour chart and an upbeat MACD, back this ascent. Avalanche’s collaboration with Gamestarter introduces GameChain, a dedicated gaming blockchain that enriches developer engagement and user interaction through tools like GameID and GameScan, simplifying the gaming development process.

This partnership forecasts a rise in AVAX’s value, potentially reaching $60, propelled by these innovations and wider market movements. Avalanche’s robust ecosystem supports a promising forecast for its near-term growth.

BlockDAG’s Innovative Dashboard Update and Future Roadmap

BlockDAG’s impressive presale, raising over $37 million, signals strong investor confidence. The platform’s recent dashboard revamp significantly boosts the user interface and transparency. New features include Hot News, Current Rank insights, a Wallet for transactions, a Leaderboard Preview of top investors, and a Last Transactions Preview for recent activity. The Referral Screen tracks bonuses from referrals.

The dashboard ranks the top 30 investors from “Crab” to “Whale,” incentivizing greater involvement. The Transactions feature splits into My Transactions and Live Transactions, supporting a range of cryptocurrencies and allowing users to update their profiles with latest information securely.

BlockDAG’s updated roadmap outlines future developments in Blockchain Development, BlockDAG Scan (Explorer), and the X1 Miner application, reinforcing its market position. With projections of its coin value hitting $30 by 2030, BlockDAG’s strategic updates promise substantial growth, marking it as a standout in the crypto space.

Final Insights

While NEAR Protocol and Avalanche make significant-tech advancements, BlockDAG captures the spotlight with its monumental presale success and cutting-edge features. With over $37 million raised and a recent dashboard enhancement coupled with a comprehensive roadmap, BlockDAG exemplifies transparency and innovation. As one of the premier crypto gainers, BlockDAG presents an enticing investment prospect in contrast to NEAR and Avalanche, paving its way to future success in the decentralized crypto landscape.

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