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BlockDAG’s 40th Development Release Elevates Blockchain Transparency with BlockDAGscan, Coin Value Skyrockets by 850%


BlockDAG’s latest Development (Dev) Release introduces BlockDAGscan, an advanced blockchain explorer designed to enhance transparency and improve user experience significantly. This release has propelled BlockDAG’s presale velocity, with the launch of Batch 16 seeing the coin price climb to $0.0095—an 850% jump from the initial price in Batch 1. With a successful $36 million raised through its presale, BlockDAG continues to captivate and expand its investor base across the global crypto community.

BlockDAG Gains Global Momentum: $36M Presale Driven by Strategic Appearances

Globally, BlockDAG has been gaining substantial traction through strategic public appearances. It was recently highlighted at London’s iconic Piccadilly Circus, effectively engaging a wide audience and attracting potential investors. Furthermore, a celebrated appearance in Las Vegas coincided with the release of its DAGpaper, drawing considerable interest from the crypto community. 

These prominent showcases have been instrumental in amplifying BlockDAG’s presale efforts, now reflected in the impressive coin price increase to $0.0095—an 850% growth from Batch 1. This presale success has generated over $36 million, demonstrating strong market interest aligned with BlockDAG’s continually updated roadmap and fresh blockchain initiatives.

Unveiling BlockDAGscan in BlockDAG’s 40th Development Release

The 40th Dev Release of BlockDAG marks a significant technological advancement with the rollout of BlockDAGscan. This blockchain explorer is crafted to be both user-friendly and transparent, building on a deep understanding of user requirements that guided the robust system architecture and the choice of a scalable and secure technology stack. These foundations promise a sturdy platform that not only meets but exceeds user expectations, enhancing their engagement with the blockchain.

This release also explores sophisticated address formats and offchain implementations, optimizing them for security, usability, and compatibility with the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture. Key features include Base32 encoding to enhance readability and compactness, checksums for error detection, and distinct prefixes to differentiate address types. The cryptographic process in BlockDAG involves generating private keys with secure random number generators, deriving public keys through elliptic curve multiplication, and hashing public keys using SHA-256 and RIPEMD-160.

The future of BlockDAGscan includes meticulous planning and active community involvement. Comprehensive technical documentation like system architecture diagrams, database schemas, and API guides lay the groundwork. Development sprints and thorough testing phases are planned to assure the platform’s reliability, while community feedback will be integral in refining the explorer. This iterative development process aims to deliver a robust, user-friendly blockchain explorer that surpasses user expectations.

Wrapping Up

Dev Release 40, featuring the groundbreaking BlockDAGscan, underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to continual enhancement and transparency. These ongoing development efforts have built a dedicated investor base, enhancing trust and engagement. This commitment is reflected in the remarkable presale outcomes, with Batch 16’s coin price soaring to $0.0095, marking an 850% increase from the initial batch. BlockDAG’s consistent delivery of innovations has significantly propelled its presale, collecting $36 million and solidifying its position as an increasingly popular entity in the crypto world.

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