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Blocklete Games Joins Hands with BitPay, Says “Yes” to Crypto Payments


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Blocklete Games – a virtual sports experience that’s been established utilizing blockchain technology – has announced that patrons can pay for their services and products with cryptocurrency through Bit Pay.

Blocklete Says “Yes” to Crypto Payments

Users of Blocklete Golf – a subdivision of the platform – can buy and sell digital golfers with Ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ripple or stable currencies. They can also play in various tournaments and win cash prizes. Digital athletes are collected by users who can then trade or compete with them in digital sporting events.

Bill Zielke – the chief marketing officer of Bit Pay – has announced:

Bit Pay continues to see strong demand from leading online game makers to accept cryptocurrency as a fast, secure and modern method of payment. We believe Blocklete Golf will have strong appeal to the cryptocurrency community and see Turner Sports’ introduction of Blocklete Games as a bold and innovative move embracing new era technology.

It’s refreshing for most traders and crypto enthusiasts to see platforms accepting digital funds as methods of payment for goods and services considering this is what they were initially created for. Digital currencies have been stuck in something of a speculative trap for some time. While people show enthusiasm for them, it is only because they are intrigued by the idea of getting rich overnight.

However, this is not necessarily what BTC and its digital counterparts were created for. Rather, they were established as alternatives to paper or fiat money and were initially designed to be utilized the way one would use the US dollar or the euro. Sadly, most retailers and shops are disinterested in the idea of accepting crypto as a form of payment considering many cryptocurrencies are still highly vulnerable to volatility and price swings, and to an extent, we really can’t blame them.

Say you walk into a store and pay for $50 worth of merchandise using bitcoin. Tomorrow, the price of bitcoin goes down, meaning that $50 is now worth $30 or $25. You’ll still walk off with everything you bought, but the store that sold it to you winds up losing money. It’s not entirely fair to the retailer, and many people in business are not willing to take a chance.

Blocklete is saying “yes” to crypto payments hoping that it will inspire more players to take part in the company’s events. In addition, they company says that it’s looking to reduce the high fees that are often associated with credit cards and take fraudulent chargebacks out of all future equations.

Bringing People Closer

Yang Adija – vice president of Business Operations and Strategy at Turner Sports, the parent company of Blocklete – explained in an interview:

With Blocklete Games, we see a transformational opportunity to give fans more control over the videogaming experience by reversing the conventional power dynamic between player and publisher.

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