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BlockStarter, the first ever ICO powerhouse


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ICOs are the new mecca of crowdfunding. But where do they house themselves? Apart from Ethereum, ICOs seem not to have any layman-oriented platform that offers a simple, user-friendly, and non-tech savvy launching solution. BlockStarter solves the problem by offering a simple platform where participants can create and market campaigns with ease. So how is this possible?

The Campaign Listing powerhouse

BlockStarter is an excellent platform where anybody can create and list their ICO campaigns. Participants do not need to provide every detail at once. While you work with the platform, drafts are saved, giving a chance to come back and update the information. Apart from drafting the campaign, BlockStarter allows users to share the campaign with their team, where corrections and additions from team members are accepted. You also get to publish your draft and promote to a large audience of blockchain-based investors.

BlockStarter has built an Ethereum-like, powerhouse where ICOs can be created, marketed, and funded with ease.

Wide-ranging cryptocurrency wallets

If you have an ICO, you’ll surely need a cryptocurrency wallet to accept investments. Instead of going around looking for different codes to integrate different cryptocurrency platforms into your ICO, BlockStarter gives you all that – and you don’t need to leave the platform. It is a simple, single platform that provides everything an ICO needs to survive.

Let’s face it, for an ICO to succeed well in this competitive age, giving investors the chance to contribute in different cryptocurrencies is the key and the most important decision.  From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Dash to Litecoin, and from Namecoin to Waves, BlockStarter has all the popular and upcoming cryptocurrencies you can integrate into your ICO.

Smart contracts generated easily

The days of becoming a Solidity programmer before you can start an Ethereum smart contract are over. With BlockStarter, participants can easily create their own Ethereum smart contracts. The process is simple, easy, and is equally non-tech savvy. Anyone who knows how to browse Google can use BlockStarter’s smart contract generator excellently.

Non-tech savvy dashboard and panel

BlockStarter’s platform is no rocket science. It offers an easy to navigate, one-click, and fast cryptocurrency contribution processing, profile management, and ICO campaign monitoring.

Meet the Blockchain-based powerhouse that lets you create, market, and fund your ICO, create smart contracts, and equally help contribute to other BlockStarter ICOs.


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