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Most people are well aware of how there are different coding languages in the world today. Regular programming has its own languages, and cryptocurrency does too. Especially Ethereum with its Solidity language has proven to be a handful. Blockstream now introduces Simplicity, another programming language for blockchain-based smart contracts. This is a big step forward for Bitcoin and sidechains as well.

Simplicity is designed to be a pretty simple coding language. Despite its simplicity, it will drive Bitcoin and smart contract innovation in the future. Or that is how the Blockstream team sees things, at least. It is evident this new coding language will have some big consequences for the blockchain industry. Simplicity is designed to work with smart contracts, sidechains, and Bitcoin itself. An interesting approach that may make the whole concept of cryptocurrency coding far more approachable.

Simplicity is a Welcome Addition

The Blockstream team made an inside joke about this new language as well. They claim the Simplicity language is so easy it fits on a T-shirt. An interesting choice of words, to say the very least. Then again, they aim to make smart contracts behave the way people would expect. So far, we have seen this technology fail miserably in certain aspects. Especially Ethereum smart contracts have proven to be rather problematic in different ways.

If all things go according to plan, widespread adoption of Simplicity won’t be a problem. It is pretty flexible and works well with other tools in the industry. This applies to both cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications alike. Whether or not anyone will implement this language natively, remains to be determined. There is no reason not to do so moving forward. At the same time, adoption of these new solutions often takes months, if not years.

At the same time, one has to acknowledge the need for this new programming language. The standard Bitcoin scripting language is very limited in what can be achieved. As the technology matures, so needs the underlying coding language  Simplicity is a flexible alternative, although it is not Turing-complete. Then again, it packs enough punch to build smart contracts for blockchain applications. Additionally, it can be an alternative to Solidity as well. It never hurts to have multiple options, that much is certain.

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