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Blofin Eases Access to Vietnamese Market with Language Support


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Hanoi, Vietnam (Apr. 18th, 2023)Blofin launched a Vietnamese language service to improve the experience for local users. It has collaborated with affiliates, start-ups, and customers to improve cryptocurrency adoption with the Blofin trading system in the Vietnamese market. As part of its commitment, Blofin is dedicated to continually improving their crypto exchange platform based on user feedback.

According to the 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Vietnam has emerged as the leader in cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, with 21% of its population reportedly owning cryptocurrencies. The Vietnamese people are using digital currencies for remittances, as a hedge against fiat currency volatility, and for other financial purposes that are unique to their economy. Blofin’s CEO, Matt, expressed his pride in Vietnam’s remarkable growth, “In less than three years, Vietnam made it an appealing destination for cryptocurrency ventures. Blofin is delighted to provide a dependable and accurate trading platform for Vietnamese users to meet their needs.”

As part of its commitment to providing advanced opportunities for cryptocurrency investors in Vietnam, Blofin has developed a full-featured product available in Vietnamese. This will enable Blofin’s growing user base in the country to fully utilize the exchange’s range of digital asset services. Currently, Blofin’s Vietnamese community boasts hundreds of crypto enthusiasts who are interested in and excited about the products and development of Blofin in Vietnam. This indicates a strong demand for digital asset services in Vietnam, and Blofin’s efforts to meet that demand are paying off. Strengthening relationships with the Vietnamese community can further establish Blofin’s presence in the country and attract even more users.

Blofin is actively reaching out to Vietnamese influencers, projects, and local crypto communities to enhance user engagement. Additionally, Blofin has dedicated support administrators in the Vietnamese community to address local client inquiries, ensuring a positive experience for its users. With a commitment to meeting the expectations of its local customers in the field of crypto investments, Blofin is sparing no effort in providing the best possible service.

The Vietnam language is now available on the Blofin website and will be soon on apps. You can download Blofin app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store trade easily on the go. Blofin offers unparalleled convenience and security for crypto futures trading. Experience the innovative power of Blofin now!

About Blofin

Blofin is a cryptocurrency futures trading exchange where users can get into cryptocurrency futures trading in an exciting and rewarding way. On Jan. 12th, 2023, Blofin launched its futures trading exchange platform packed with pragmatic security measures, including AI-powered algorithms, infrastructure, analysis, and more. Designed to offer all users an equal, transparent, and highly effective trading experience, Blofin is now inviting the best and brightest futures traders to join its pioneering program. Blofin team consists of serial entrepreneurs, executives from the traditional finance industry, professional traders, risk control professionals, and more.

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