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BNB Coin Garners Its Own Twitter Emoji


Twitter and cryptocurrency have always been rather supportive of each other, especially considering CEO Jack Dorsey’s stance on bitcoin. Now, it looks like Binance Coin – the native currency of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance – is the third digital asset in the world to garner its own emoji hashtag.

BNB Coin Gets Its Own Emoji

The first cryptocurrency to garner an emoji was bitcoin, of course. The second is Crypto.com currency CRO. Now that Binance Coin has joined the ranks, several analysts and crypto traders are wondering how much it really costs to get your name spread across the world’s second-largest social media platform. The currency is only three years old, and many are wondering how much the company spent for the creation of the emoji when it’s so new.

Binance is arguably the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform by daily market cap. The company is presently running a special campaign that’s designed to give traders incentives granted they promote the currency on social media and other group forums. Following the release of this campaign, the currency (BNB) is up by more than two percent at the time of writing.

One also can’t help but wonder if this is going to be a running theme in the coming weeks or months considering the CRO emoji was only developed last month in June.

While the news is intriguing to some, others feel it’s a move in the wrong direction considering just how new BNB truly is. Larry Cernak – the director of Research at The Block – feels that any currency or cryptocurrency platform that seeks to spend a minimum of $50,000 towards advertising on Twitter can garner their own personal emojis. Thus, the symbols are not created out of love or affection or because the currency holds some powerful place in the crypto world. It’s done because the company paid for it.

In a tweet, Cernak explained to his followers:

Not going to lie. It’s quite hilarious that #CRO got the second Twitter emoji after #BTC. Apparently, it doesn’t take much more than to commit to more than $50,000 of ad spend and you usually get it. Still absurd.

It Looks Like All You Have to Do Is Pay

At press time, Binance has not disclosed how much money it spent to get the emoji made, though a spokesperson has admitted that it was the company – not Twitter – that first brought up the notion of having the emoji created.

Still, with the program in place of allowing crypto companies to purchase their own emojis and see to their own branding and promotions, it looks like Twitter is continuing a “tradition” of sorts in pushing the crypto agenda. This can likely be attributed to Dorsey, who’s been a longtime fan of bitcoin, going so far as to suggest in 2018 that the asset would ultimately become the world’s only currency.


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