The opinions on cryptocurrency are always interesting to keep an eye on. Most financial experts would effectively like to see Bitcoin disappear. Bob Shiller, however, thinks very differently about these things. In fact, he is convinced Bitcoin can be “with us forever”, regardless of its “bubble aspects”.

It remains to be seen how the Bitcoin price evolves. Right now, the positive momentum seems to be in place, after suffering from substantial losses. Even so, the bubble aspect of Bitcoin is still in place. This has caused several financial experts to issue strong warnings against investing in cryptocurrency. Bob Shiller isn’t too concerned about this temporary dip in the slightest.

Bob Shiller Remains Pretty Confident

Instead, he is convinced Bitcoin will be with us for some time to come. While that is a positive statement, it remains to be seen how feasible that really is. One has to acknowledge Bitcoin sees its ups and down on a more than regular basis. Every single time, the world’s leading cryptocurrency comes out even stronger. Whether or not this cycle will repeat itself again, is a different matter altogether.

For Bob Shiller, it seems evident Bitcoin will continue to rise. It is impossible to envision a world in which BTC doesn’t even exist. At the same time, there are some concerns about the long-term plans for Bitcoin. If the upcoming scaling developments do not pan out, things can go from bad to worse fairly quickly.

The overall trust in cryptocurrency still remains a relatively low level. This is also part of the reason why people refer to this industry as a bubble. Even so, the swelling demand for Bitcoin and altcoins is not slowing down just yet. Whether or not Bob Shiller is right in his assessment, remains to be seen. Anything and everything is possible in this industry, that much is evident.

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