and EOS are notable platforms for two reasons. The first is that they held a year-long coin offering between the summers of 2017 and 2018. The second reason? Because even though the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) went after the companies for hosting the token sale – which the SEC is typically known to do – both and EOS came out ahead and garnered a ruling in their favor. This is important given we’re now in a time when companies are known to fall apart the minute the SEC shows any sort of resistance. Has Come a Long Way

While neither company walked away completely unscathed, they were able to settle the massive charges against them for a mere $24 million. This amounted to less than 0.6 percent of what it earned from the token sale.

In a recent interview, Brendan Blumer – the founder and CEO of – discussed what it was that inspired him to create the platform and what his vision is for the future of crypto. During the first portion of the interview, he discussed what makes unique and what its business structure is: has three core components. We have the EOSIO business, where we are focused on developing the layer one protocol and all the tools required to harmoniously integrate that architecture… We have a private equity arm that is focused on investing in primarily EOSIO businesses… The last piece of our business… is realizing the potential of EOSIO by building businesses ourselves. Voice, our social media platform, is one of those projects.

One of the more recent announcements made by was that it was joining hands with Google, which will serve as a block producer candidate. Blumer says this is a huge step forward and that this is just more proof that companies are looking to make their entrances into the blockchain space, proving how mainstream it’s become over the last few years.

China’s Strength Is Growing

Blumer is presently based in China and had a few things to say about China’s recent surge in blockchain development. The digital yuan, for example, has just been released for a new phase of testing, and he believes the country is moving faster than anyone could have anticipated. He explained:

We see aggressive adoption specific to blockchain technology happening in Asia and how you can create interoperability between public and private blockchain components. China is absolutely building a large private infrastructure. I think China is very savvy in terms of what blockchain is capable of. They have made it a cornerstone to revolutionizing their currency and increasing their currency’s prominence, particularly in emerging markets. One of the most incredible things about China in terms of their economic growth is how aggressively they pave the way for organizations to innovate with these new technologies as opposed to America which impedes organizations with regulation.

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