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Brent and Matt, Two Men from Texas, Have Made Millions Mining BTC


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Brent Whitehead and Matt Lohstroh are two young men from Texas that have already made millions mining bitcoin and other forms of crypto. The two have worked hard to establish a new company called Giga Energy Solutions, which mints bitcoin from natural gas.

Brent and Matt Chose to Follow Bitcoin

Both Brent and Matt come from oil families, and they were met with skepticism when they first announced three years ago that they wanted to go into the mining sector. However, their bitcoin obsessions grew too big to handle. Thus, they ignored the advice they received and decided to follow their hearts. Today, the money they’ve earned through their company shows they made the right move.

The company works to not only mine crypto but address all the environmental concerns that people seem to have with it. Giga places a shipping container containing crypto mining computers on an oil well. From there, natural gas is diverted into generators. That gas is then converted into electricity which is used to mine crypto units. This reduces carbon emissions by more than 60 percent.

Brent grew up on oil fields and watched his family in action. He saw a lot of environmental waste and wanted to address the concerns surrounding the planet’s health. In an interview, he explained:

I always saw flares, just being in the oil and gas industry. I knew how wasteful it was. It’s a new way to not only lower emissions, but to monetize gas.

Right now, the pair has signed contracts with approximately 20 separate oil and gas companies, four of which are publicly traded. They are also in discussion with wealth funds, meaning the company is growing faster than anyone could have anticipated. Right now, the company employs 11 people, but the duo is looking to add an additional six employees before the end of February.

Lee Bratcher – president of the Texas Blockchain Council – says he is extremely impressed with the work both men have done. He commented:

They are making their clients revenue through stranded energy bitcoin mining and solving the environmental challenge with flared gas at the same time.

Both men are also just natural believers in bitcoin. They love the fact that it is an autonomous currency that no government can control. Matt explained:

No one controls it, and you don’t have to ask permission to use it. That’s really what drew me to bitcoin… Bitcoin mining is innately tied to power, and the point of energy is to create power, so I think you’re going to see a lot of semantics and how they’re interrelated.

Giving People Monetary Freedom

Brent couldn’t agree more. He’s confident bitcoin has the power to offer people the financial independence they’ve always wanted. He mentioned:

I wasn’t so much focused on the price, as I was the adoption. I thought this was something great for humanity.

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