Brian Reisbeck is the new chief compliance officer at Coinme, a crypto exchange stationed in the U.S. He recently offered his comments and thoughts on international compliance and attempts to regulate the crypto space.

Brian Reisbeck Offers His Thoughts on Crypto Compliance

Regulation has long been a controversial topic, with some analysts completely for it, while others don’t want it affecting the space anymore than it already has. Neil Bergquist – the CEO and co-founder of Coinme – had initially announced that Resibeck was going to be stepping into his role last month, so his position is quite new.

Bergquist said:

Coinme is excited to welcome Brian Reisbeck to the company as part of our ongoing commitment to develop and maintain industry-leading compliance systems and controls. With Brian’s unique experience in helping launch Robinhood’s crypto exchange, we’re eager to support more companies that want to offer crypto-services while continuing to offer safe and secure crypto-services to Coinme’s enterprise partners like Coinstar and MoneyGram.

Prior to this, Resibeck served as a compliance officer at a separate U.S. exchange, though that exchange has not been named at press time. He has 20 years-worth of experience working in the financial sector. In his interview, he stated:

I am looking forward to utilizing my expertise to help the company further push our mission in providing a trusted and accessible way to purchase digital currency for our customers. The goal here is to build a company that can service a segment of the market that is unbanked/underbanked. This attracted me to Coinme because it helps people that are not traditionally involved in financial services systems.

He believes that it could wind up being somewhat difficult finding the right talent to fill Coinme’s compliance team. He is primarily looking for people who understand both traditional finance and crypto. He says:

It could be challenging. A good fit for the roles I’m looking for would be someone who both has a traditional finance background and understands crypto, which can be difficult, since it’s such a new industry. Anyone looking for senior manager or vice president-level candidates may have a hard time finding talent. This is because there are not a lot of people who have that crypto exposure. As the years go by, that may not be the case. However, right now in the compliance space, it can be challenging to find the right individuals who have some crypto experience.

So Many Little Differences

He also said that there are more challenges with the international regulatory efforts than those in the U.S. given that they’re so different. He said:

The main challenge with the global expansion is each country and its regulatory environment are different and will have varying rules and regulations. Here in the United States, the crypto industry operates with limited regulatory clarity. However, there are still compliance standards to meet.

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