Whether you’re a novice or crypto expert, you already know that this industry is growing substantially.  Even though it is introducing an easy and transparent way of operating in an online sphere, it may seem limited in its ability to generate fiat currency to use in the real world.  That’s what Brickblock hopes to change through their innovative platform.

Trading assets and investing is a great way to generate a secondary income or even turn into a viable and profitable career.  However, investing in crypto is a seemingly risky endeavor due to the volatility and unpredictability of the market as a whole.  This platform is here to decrease that risk exponentially by allowing users to buy a range of real-world and virtual assets with both crypto and fiat currencies.

Users will be able to purchase real estate in the form of funds or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).  These buyers will then be able to earn future income from profits earned on these investments.

Platform users also have the option of investing in managed funds containing a variety of crypto assets.  Examples of these funds include The Top 10 Crypto Assets by Market Cap, The Top-Performing Cryptocurrencies Over 5 Years, and Smart Contract-Only Crypto Assets.  The third investment option is Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs).  These funds reflect the actual markets.

Traditional investing takes time, additional money (in the form of transactional fees), as well as paperwork, signatures, and approvals.  Because Brickblock uses blockchain technology and smart contracts, the admin involved is minimal.  In addition, investment costs are reduced, and there is more transparency and security for all transactions.

Another convenient feature on the platform is that investors will actually be able to see how much money they’ll save by using Brickblock for their investments.

The platform is run on Brickblock Tokens (BBT).  Holders of these tokens will then be able to generate Access Tokens, which is in turn used to for any fees or costs on the platform itself.

Brickblock has opted for a tiered crowdsale model, with the first two phases having been concluded already.  A total of 500,000,000 BBT was available to purchase, and the goal for the total crowdsale is set at $50 million.

Contributors will be able to purchase BBT from the 31st of October.  This phase of funding will last for three weeks.  Users can contribute using ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin), LTC (Litecoin) and BTC from Cubits.

This platform allows users to invest in European and US assets from anywhere in the world.  It’s simple to use and is a great way to earn returns on even small investments.

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