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BRISE, BEFE, and CENX: The Ultimate Opportunity in Crypto Investment


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The crypto market has been in a bloodbath for the last few days. Mainly, the tensions around the Iran-Israel conflicts have been the biggest reason why.

But when markets are bad, that’s your golden opportunity.

So, here is the ultimate opportunity for you to invest in the next shining star: BRISE, BEFE, and CENX — the upcoming value coins.


Feature BRISE (Bitgert) BEFE CENX
Current Price $0.0000001722 $0.000241 $0.000575
Price Change (24h) 4.18% 8.35% 1.24%
Liquidity High Medium Low
Project Type Engineering Project Meme Coin Blockchain Platform
Focus Innovation, Speed, Efficiency Meme Culture, Community Development Tools


BRISE is a part of the Bitgert ecosystem that is known for prioritising innovation, speed, and efficiency in blockchain technology. No wonder its BRC20 blockchain has the second highest speed amongst all the other ones in the market, with a speed of 100,000 TPS.

To create a loyal investor base, BRISE offers staking opportunities with BUSD rewards and a buyback mechanism for its long term investors. Not just that, but to attract new investors it constantly looks out for strategic partnerships like with Audit Solutions, a team that uses AI technology and manual reviews to fortify the BRC20 network.


BEFE is a new-age meme coin that thrives on community engagement. It has an active community of 600k+ followers on its Twitter and Discord channels.

BEFE saw some interesting developments recently, that can potentially exponentially grow its market cap. They are:

  • Listing of BEFE on 1 new exchange and announcement of listing of BEFE on 2 other exchanges by the end of this month
  • Completion of BEFE presale phase 5
  • BEFE introduced on the Solana chain

BEFE has given a growth of over 700% to BEFE’s early investors, since its launch. In the same time frame, Shiba Inu has given only around 150% when it had launched. No wonder BEFE is so hyped these days.


Centcex is an emerging coin that could also change your entire portfolio game. Its team is dedicated to developing tools that can build an entire blockchain ecosystem. This is the major reason why they constantly focus on integrating with influencer developers and have come up with tools like BriseSign for document signing and a portfolio tracking solution.

Centcex’s biggest USP is that it addresses developer needs within the blockchain space. This makes it very easy for the team to scale as time approaches.

So, don’t wait until the market is up again. DYOR and invest in one of these gems today!


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