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BTCC COO Samson Mow Departs The Company


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The world of bitcoin has never known a boring day, and last night was no different. BTCC, one of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, saw its COO quit his job. This decision took everyone by surprise, albeit no one knows for sure why he decided to get rid of such a favorable position. Moreover, Mow announced his departure on Twitter, rather than BTCC sharing an official communique regarding the matter.

Samson Mow Exits BTCC For Good

It is not a big surprise to see major changes at Chinese bitcoin exchanges. After the recent PBOC-imposed changes, it was only a matter of time until personnel changes started to occur. Then again, having the COO of one of the China’s largest bitcoin exchanges quite his job was not something anyone has expected. It would appear the mounting regulatory pressure is getting to a few members of the exchange’s upper brass.

While Mow acknowledges working for BTCC has been quite interesting over the past two years, it remains unclear why he is leaving the company exactly. There is a lot of speculation as to why this decision was made. Most people think Mow will focus his time solely on working for Blockstream in the future, albeit neither party has confirmed or denied this. It is evident Samson Mow will not have a difficult time to find a new job in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

A tweet sent out by Bobby Lee sheds an interesting light on the Samson Mow departure, though. Mow will be moving to Canada to be with his family. It is unclear what this means exactly, yet we can only guess there may be some family angle at play here. Additionally, Canada seems to be more open-minded when it comes to bitcoin companies than China is right now.

Speaking of which, it would appear the Canadian bitcoin community is ready to embrace Mow with open arms. The Bitcoin Embassy Canada has sent out a tweet welcoming Samson back to Canada, albeit this does not mean Mow will start working for them. It is an intriguing development, that much is certain, yet no one knows for sure what the future will hold for BTCC or Mow moving forward.

Even though BTCC sees its COO depart the company, very little will change in the exchange moving forward. Withdrawals of both bitcoin and litecoin have been halted until March 15th, which will not change overnight. Moreover, it shouldn’t take long for anyone else to step up and take his place as COO of the BTCC company.

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