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BTCMSaylor Announces its Fairlaunch on Pinksale


BTCMSaylor, a new Bitcoin platform utilizing modern technology and advanced features created in support of the love of Micheal Saylor for Bitcoin, announces its fair launch presale.

For the Pinksale presale with a $10,000 soft cap, BTCMSaylor has got all 4 badges of safety: SAFU, AUDIT, KYC, DOXX. The presale will take place on Pinksale, starting on December 21 at 17:00 UTC and ending on December 28, 2022, at 17:00 UTC.. Also, BTCMSaylor would be releasing a limited collection of Bitcoin-themed NFTs.

Users can earn passive BTC income safely and automatically; 3% of every buy/sell transaction will be auto-converted to BTC and distributed among holders, and 1% will go towards a charity for renewable energy. We have created an avenue for investors to earn BTC rewards in a fun safe and exciting manner.

To ensure investors’ funds’ safety, BTCMSaylor made sure to comply with Pinksale’s SAFU policy and also took additional steps to mind the environment as well.

Because Bitcoin mining requires many resources in terms of electricity, they have decided to send 1% of each tax into a charity wallet which will be utilized to support renewable energy sources. With project taxes currently at 10% for buys and sells, you may rest assured that the Bitcoin reflections will not stop.

Also, a limited collection of Bitcoin-themed NFTs will be released. These NFTs would possess tons of unique features like rarity, increased Bitcoin reflections, access to cheaper fees while using the swap, and also staking capabilities. The NFTs would also be utilized in the 3D play to Earn game. The 3D play-to-earn trait will feature a Micheal Saylor vs. Elon Musk fighter-themed game.

About BTCMSaylor

With the inspiration of Michael Saylor against Elon Musk, this project aims to empower all token holders with daily reflections on Bitcoin. Utilizing modern technology and advanced features, BTCMS allows holders to gain more BTC without too much effort.

BTCMSaylor wants to be the next most significant meme coin with more potential than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. BTCMSaylor is allowing every crypto holder a fair chance to gain more profit in the market where the price of Bitcoin is raging on rocket fuel.

In the future, BTCMSaylor plans to build its staking Dapp with NFTs collection and other utilities. This would allow long-term holders to earn passive income by staking their tokens for more BTCMSaylor tokens while earning bitcoin rewards.

Also, the BTCMSaylor swap would be launched after trading is live on Pancakeswap, allowing investors to buy and sell their favorite tokens on the BNB Chain. The swap would be improved into a Dex aggregator to cater to other chains while providing the best price for investors.


For more information, visit the official BTCMSaylor website and follow them on social media, Telegram, or Twitter.


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