It’s always interesting to see retail locations accept Bitcoin payments. This is especially true where fast food joints are concerned. On paper, they stand to benefit a lot from using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. All About Burger in Washington, DC has certainly jumped on this bandwagon. The company uses BitPay to process BTC payments. Sadly, no one has ever attempted to use it to this very day.

Convincing retailers to accept Bitcoin is a very tedious task. Accepting this payment requires some work on their end. Using a payment processor such as BitPay certainly helps move things along. Additionally, staff needs to be trained on how to use this new payment system. For All About Burger, their staff seemingly don’t always know how to process Bitcoin payments. More specifically, no one has asked them to pay with this particular option. A very troublesome development, for obvious reasons.

All About Burger Wants Your Bitcoin Payments

More specifically, it’s commendable to see this chain accept Bitcoin payments. After all, many people envision fast food joints are a good use case for cryptocurrency transactions. Seeing All About Burger effectively set things up is nothing short of amazing. It’s also incredibly sad to learn none of their customers want to pay in Bitcoin. Why that is the case remains a big mystery until today. It seems the average consumer couldn’t care less about Bitcoin as a payment method.

Solving situations like this will prove to be rather difficult. After all, All About Burger is doing everything right. They even advertise their acceptance of Bitcoin when you visit their location. Sadly, that isn’t enough to convince customers to experiment with Bitcoin as of right now. It also makes the whole point of embracing cryptocurrencies rather pointless. Rest assured they are not the only company not seeing any interest in BTC transactions.

It is unclear why no one has ever used Bitcoin at All About Burger. In the current state, higher transaction fees would make it unappealing to use. Especially when buying a burger or even a meal, the fees would be rather steep in comparison. We can only hope people will start using Bitcoin as an actual currency again. Right now, it is a clear store of value, even though it’s losing value as we speak. An unfortunate situation for the world’s leading cryptocurrency, that much is certain.

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