Is anyone making a list of things Bitcoin can buy? If so, there is no doubt that it’s a long list, growing longer each day. Buying movie tickets will be the latest addition to that list. Yes, you read it right! Open Road Films has teamed up with GoCoin and to enable moviegoers buy tickets with Bitcoin for its latest movie “Dope”, releasing on June 19,  2015.

In a recent partnership, the film distribution company Open Road Films has made a deal with the online ticketing website to include Bitcoin payments as an additional option for selling the tickets of its latest indie comedy flick, “Dope”. The Bitcoin payments on will be processed by GoCoin, a Singapore based Bitcoin payment processor.

Incidentally, the movie which has received critical acclaim at this year’s Sundance Film Festival also revolves around Bitcoin. The story revolves around a high school geek named Malcolm, who loves the 90’s hip-hop culture, and a big fan of latest technology. The movie starts with reference to Bitcoin with the main protagonist mentioning that the currency as we know is long dead and soon everyone will be using Bitcoin to buy and sell stuff. As the movie progresses, they get into trouble and in order to get out of it, they have to sell drugs. Following the example of Silk Road and Agora, they decide to sell drugs for Bitcoin.

Coming Friday, the movie is opening on over 2000 screens across nationwide and moviegoers who aren’t comfortable buying tickets with Bitcoin, they can go ahead and buy tickets the conventional way by paying with card or with cash at the counter. The deal between and Open Road Films was facilitated by Partiqal, a social media agency.

Open Road Films is a Hollywood, California based movie distribution Company founded in the year 2011 by two theatre groups, AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group.  They have distributed films like Jobs, Nightcrawler etc.

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