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BUY&SELL classified built on a blockchain


Although the technology of blockchain appeared more than 10 years ago, it has started to be actively integrated not so long ago. The sustainable development of cryptocurrencies has shown to all the advantages of this approach. Services built on blockchain technology are much more protected from the outside interference and allow you to concentrate the huge computing resources with little financial costs.

Many state, international and corporate structures came to the conclusion that the future goes behind the technology of blockchain. The governments of the USA and the countries of the European Union have adopted the laws on the settlement and use of crypto-currencies. There are daily news about initiatives to introduce blockchain technology in the areas of finance and workflow. The largest IT corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, Acronis actively participate in the development of crypto-currencies and smart contracts.

One of the services of the new generation will be the classified platform BUY & SELL. It combines all the experience accumulated by modern services and the benefits that are given by such advanced technologies as Big Data, self-learning algorithms, and blockchain.

The system of smart contracts and the storage of data on operations and descriptions of goods in the blockchain makes it easy to identify any attempts by unscrupulous customers to use the system for fraudulent purposes. In addition, the architecture built on the principle of the blockchain itself is more resilient to external interference and hacking than services with single data centers.

Modern Big Data algorithms allow you to analyze the huge amounts of data. Using them, you can collect almost all the offers of a sale for a particular product from the whole Internet into a single database. This gives the customer an opportunity to choose the best offer in terms of delivery conditions and prices. Also, the Big Data approach makes it possible to analyze all the activity of the users of the platform, as well as in the launched social networks. And the contextual advertising system based on self-learning algorithms will allow you to choose the ads accurately for each user. Only those offers that can become interesting for the visitor will be shown. This will allow avoiding the cluttering on the interface with annoying ads. For the sellers, it will provide an opportunity to pay for an advertisement only for the target audience and reduce the spends on the marketing.

All operations in the system will be conducted with a help of an internal cryptocurrency – BAS. This will avoid unnecessary commissions and loss of money during the procedure of an exchange. In addition, since the number of BAS tokens is limited, their use can become an extra source of some additional income for both, sellers and buyers. Due to an involvement of new participants in the system and the purchase of BAS by them, the price for the tokens will grow.

You can be ensured to say that the classified will be an excellent platform for starting or developing your own business. A smart contract system and a built-in social network will simplify the business relationship of any type, let it be B2B or B2C, or C2C type. There will be no necessity in many intermediaries, such as processing services for payments or local wholesale importers. This, in turn, will positively influence the final cost of goods and services.

Due to the fact that the system is built on blockchain technology, the system’s profitability will be much higher than with classical services with centralized computing data centers. This will keep the price of promotion of goods in the service at a low level. All these features will allow the sellers to promote their products in new markets without much cost.

For more information about the ICO visit http://buyandsell.io/


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