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BW Announces Its Latest Bitcoin Miner, Pre-Orders Open


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The processing power required for bitcoin mining is exponentially increasing every passing day. In order to meet the requirements, specialized hardware called Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are being designed and manufactured by many companies. Bi Wang (BW) is one such manufacturer who has recently announced the introduction of its latest 14nm ASIC chip for bitcoin mining application.

The announcement of the new processing chip by BW was reported yesterday on Bitcoin Magazine. According to the report, BW’s latest bitcoin miner will be available to the public by the end of next year. Unlike most of the other bitcoin mining ASIC and equipment manufacturers, BW will be making its mining equipment available to individual customers as well. Many mining companies are currently offering their mining equipment only to industrial miners or implement it in their own bitcoin mining data centers.

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The BW 14 nm bitcoin mining ASIC has the capacity to operate in 34.6 GH/s to 63 GH/s while drawing 18W of power at an operating voltage range of 0.59V to 0.76 V. Bulk booking of BW’s new miner is currently open and users can pre-order these miners for as low as 0.87 bitcoin if they are looking to buy a minimum of 333 miners. Once the offer is over, individual users can still continue registering for the miner, but at a bit higher price.

Apart from selling the miner so other parties including individuals, the company has declared that it is going to use the same miners in its own data centers. The company expects to meet the pre-order demands and also produce enough miners to attain the set mark of 48 petahashes per second in its own brand new data center which is currently under construction.

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