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How C# based Platform reduces the barrier Unlike Solidity (Ethereum)


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The Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) currently under public alpha testing phase, has successfully completed its pre-sale campaign and has been witnessing the on-going crowdsale of Obsidian tokens, which will end by August 19, 2017. The rising interest of the blockchain community, especially investors, in Obsidian is being attributed by the experts to the fact that Obsidian platform is a C# blockchain, based on Stratis. The company has chosen to develop C# based platform in a view of its greater ability to reduce the barriers of entry than other platforms like Solidity (Ethereum).

Obsidian Inc. is the company that launched the revolutionary obsidian platform, putting cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology under good use by developing a communication system called Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM). This app enables users to exchange and share messages within a highly secure protocol having assured secrecy, encryption, privacy and decentralization.

Stratis and Ethereum

Stratis is built on C# under the .Net framework, while Ethereum is supported with various languages; the most popular is Solidity, a Javascript-like language. On the basis of comparison of Stratis based platform with others, it seems that Stratis based platforms such as Obsidian, are really banking having C# backend, which makes its incredibly easier for .Net developers to use blockchain technology. Stratis’s native language is C#, which means developers don’t need to learn a new language to develop those smart contracts and apps.

Stratis is also unique in a way that it offers developers an ability to code in C#, which brings a ton of possibilities for app and other developers, unlike Ethereum.

Why Obsidian Chose Stratis, a C# based blockchain protocol?

  • Enhanced Security

The team behind OSM has developed the platform over Stratis, a C# based blockchain protocol, with the execution of Service Nodes and Masternodes. The Obsidian blockchain based on Stratis, encrypts the platform using bcrypt SHA512 algorithm that strictly restricts the access of the exchanged or transferred files among the intended parties only.

  • Anonymity

The use of C# based blockchain protocol also contributes towards anonymity. The timed auto-deletion feature makes the secrecy and privacy stronger, avoiding the messages being wrongfully accessed by anyone.

  • Elimination of Entry Barriers

Obsidian runs on Stratis technology stack, with a custom version of NBitcoin, using .Net technologies. This choice offers state-of-the-art privacy and encryption to OSM and plays a vital role in developing the Obsidian community.

The deployment of Platform based on C# blockchain makes it easier for the developer community to easily use the current Obsidian infrastructure and create new applications, thereby, building a strong ecosystem around it. Such robust and secure ecosystem is expected to increase the demand and value of ODN tokens, which are currently being issued through an ongoing Obsidian crowdsale.

To know more about Obsidian’s unique C# based platform, or to participate in its ongoing crowdsale, please visit https://obsidianplatform.com/





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