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Cakewallet is an IOS Wallet for Monero but the Community is Hesitant to Embrace it


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Alternative cryptocurrencies direly need mobile wallet support. It is evident this is an absolute requirement in this day and age. For some currencies, that may be a bit more complicated than one would assume. Monero, for example, has not had an official iOS wallet for quite some time now. Thanks to the Cakewallet team, that situation has finally come to change. This is a positive development for XMR supporters, as it makes the currency slightly more user-friendly.

In the world of Monero, an iOS wallet has been missing for some time now. Since this is not your average copy-paste cryptocurrency, that is no big surprise. Moreover, the currency’s focus on privacy needs to be respected at all times. There is at least one more iOS wallet in development as we speak, but Apple has rejected it several times. For Cakewallet, that has not been a problem, which is a positive thing. It will be interesting to see how many installs this mobile wallet will get in the coming months.

Cakewallet is Live but Needs a Proper Review

With Cakewallet supporting XMR, things are looking pretty good. From a convenience point of view, Monero enthusiasts can now use a wallet on either Android or iOS. Hardware wallet support will arrive later this year as well. Both Ledger and a community-funded wallet are close to being finalized as we speak. Cakewallet is available in the App Store without any cost and can be used free of charge as well. The code for this project is not open source as of right now, but it will be uploaded to GitHub in the next few days and weeks.

Functionality for Cakewallet users includes creating new and recovering old wallets. There is also a QR code functionality, and an option to change the priority fee. Last but not least, users can change the node and daemon settings if they want to. It is a rather convenient and customizable mobile Monero wallet, to say the least. As one would expect, the community is hesitant regarding this wallet at first. There have been a few fake mobile Monero wallets in the past, unfortunately.

It is good to see such a wallet finally come to market. Monero users have requested such a tool for quite some time now. In the near future, there will be more than one change as well, which is pretty interesting. Whether or not this wallet will become popular, has yet to be determined, though. No one can blame the community for being skeptical about this solution right now. It is expected some form of wallet audit will follow before this wallet can gain any real trust. Either that or open sourcing the code is the only next course of action.

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