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How Can I Buy Bitcoin – Illustrated


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This article is to illustrate how one can buy the bitcoins. This is definitely important information as bitcoin is the money of future. Though it is something new but gradually there isgrowing awareness about it and there are now more than one option to procure bitcoins. As bitcoins are a cryptocurrency and people usually coders mine them, but now people can get them from people who have bitcoins and are ready to sell it.

So, one buying it one can pay for it in hard cash or use the credit or debit card. However, here we will have to add a word of caution that it is not easy to use debit or credit card to buy bitcoins as these transactions can be cancelled easily. However, thanks to its growing popularity now there are some select places in countries like UK and US where one can get these bitcoins with the help of debit and credit cards. Not every card can be used for it for these transactions only 3D Secure-enabled cards can be used and they should be either on the MasterCard or Visa networks.

Not everyone can buy bitcoins using credit or debit cards so for the people who cannot buy them through cards can also buy them using personal checks, money orders and even wire transfers.But these places where bitcoins can be procured in exchange of wire transfers or personal checks are few.But with growing popularity and awareness soon these bitcoins will be readily available.

Another important thing to do when you are buying bitcoins is to have a safe and secure place to store the bitcoins and they are known as bitcoin wallets, and these wallets are of two types one is online type and the other is hardware based.


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