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How Can I Buy Bitcoin

· November 26, 2014 · 6:33 am
How Can I Buy Bitcoin

How Can I Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most famous online payment methods today. To use Bitcoin you must buy them from a broker. Buying Bitcoin for the very first time can be challenging because you need to follow a number of procedures in order to be successful. The first step is to create a wallet. It is done by installing Bitcoin client software on your computer. This is where you are going to store Bitcoin. Make sure that your computer is safe from hackers because the data file on your computer is what matters most. If that is not for you, try using an online wallet. Your Bitcoin data are stored on a cloud. Various companies offer this type of service. Once you have the wallet up and running you will get an address. You will send that code to a broker.

Steps to Acquiring Bitcoin

Once you have the wallet, you get in touch with a broker. You will send an amount of money to the brokers account from your bank account that is equal to the amount of Bitcoin you want in your account. Send the address to the broker then wait for a few hours for the Bitcoin to reflect in your wallet. The price of Bitcoin is not constant. It fluctuates depending on various economic conditions. You can also buy Bitcoin from exchange companies. These companies are accredited financial institutions.

You can also buy Bitcoin from individuals but is tricky because you have to trust the person to send you the coins once you give them the money. It does not matter how you pay them, whether by cash or credit card. Lately, Bitcoin ATMsare now is used. An ATM is much safer because you load in your cash and immediately receive a receipt with a code that you will use to load Bitcoin into your wallet. It does not matter which method you use, provided you be careful of who you trust.

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