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Can Exenium Outdo Binance?


Exenium, the brand-new cryptocurrency project launched its token sale on February 14, 2018. The initial reaction of many ranged from “it’s just another exchange platform” to “a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency trading for the masses.” Now, with more information available about the capabilities of Exenium, it can be pitted against some of the best present-day exchanges and see it emerge as a winner.

Exenium has implemented some of the leading technologies to create a simple, easy-to-use solution which operates significantly different from others.

A simple comparison between Exenium and Binance – a leading cryptocurrency trading platform gives an overview of fundamental differences between the two.

Basic Differences Between Binance and Exenium

Binance has gained popularity in the past few months following the launch of its cryptocurrency – Binance Coin (BNB). These tokens, tradable like other cryptocurrencies also form a payment system within the platform. However, at first glance, Binance shares more similarities with traditional exchange and trading platforms rather than being in a league of its own. Exenium, on the other hand, is a capable crypto platform packed into a chatbot. It can be easily integrated into many of the leading instant messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, and others. It also has its own version of cryptocurrency – Exenium Token (XNT) which is designed for use as the preferred mode of payment for all the services provided by the platform. XNT is a discount and utility token, tradable against other crypto and fiat pairs.


The conventional design of Binance has a considerable effect on the simplicity and usability of the platform. Even though the platform has a responsive web platform and mobile apps for cross-platform compatibility, the number of tools and information provided on Binance contributes to a complicated user interface with a steep learning curve. At a time when more people are taking an interest in cryptocurrencies, the number of new users joining the crypto platforms is on the rise.

A significant number of newbie users are thrown off-guard when presented with a complicated interface, making them think twice about trading in cryptocurrencies. Exenium understands the issues faced by the community and hence, devised a crypto-platform with a very familiar user interface that can be readily set up to start trading. The trading bot can be integrated into the user’s chat application of choice, and the customer can begin placing orders right away. Nevertheless, Exenium has some of the best tools in their offering that can be accessed “on-demand”.

Unlike Binance, which is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, Exenium supports both crypto and fiat currencies. The platform is in the process of acquiring financial licenses for operations.

Exenium’s Technical Advantage

Binance gained popularity after it addressed some of the challenges faced by the industry, concerning user experience, liquidity, technical architecture, security and more. Exenium is in the processes of further improving the industry standards by creating a much better platform capable of handling over 10,000 order creation requests per second and handling DDoS and hacking attempts much better than any of the platforms so far.

Exenium has already undergone successful tests, proving the effectiveness of its technical abilities and security features.

Customer Support

Both Binance and Exenium are built on amplifying the customer experience. Binance shares support responsibilities across the entire staff and company. In the same fashion, Exenium provides 24/7 technical support, responding to each customer inquiry directly through the messenger chosen by the user. Traders on the platform get answers directly from people who know the system. Through a successful ICO, Exenium will be able to expand their customer support team and add more languages.

Market Liquidity

Exenium has taken steps to ensure market liquidity, with the best listing terms the industry has to offer. The platform is in the process of forging partnerships with some of the leading blockchain projects like NEM. Exenium also makes it easier for the projects to list their tokens against XNT currency pair, followed by other crypto/fiat pairs.

The Exenium Token sale

The main goal of the token sale is to provide liquidity for the platform by encouraging participants to purchase the XNT tokens. By doing so, they also provide the necessary funds for further development of the platform.

Exenium launched its ITO at the beginning of February 2018, with the development of support module, XNT token contract, and smart contract audit. The XNT token distribution will begin after the ITO ends. Soon, XNT will be listed on leading exchanges to start trading. The platform will apply for exchange licenses, refine statistics modules and continue with further development.

Whenever the XNT tokens are used to purchase services over the platform, users stand to receive a 10% discount. The tokens received as payment are then removed out of circulation to effectively reduce the supply. This provides an intrinsic mechanism where token holders can benefit from the increase of the token’s capitalization, as well as the ability to influence the price of the token throughout the entire period of circulation, with little regard to the behavior of traders.

Final Verdict

Exenium could be the next Binance. Both exchanges have similar ways of doing business and technical sophistication, token liquidity, platform security and customer support. Exenium is a more significant upgrade than any shift Binance has made through its operations. Exenium is finding its own unique identity with the level of security and overall platform performance.

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