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Canada Hosts Its First Official Bitcoin Conference


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Canada has just finished having its first ever bitcoin conference. Taking place at the Chelsea Hotel in mid-June in downtown Toronto, the event was a huge success and is one of the first of its kind in the Great White North.

Canada and Bitcoin… Growing Stronger Together?

Canada has had a relatively mixed history with bitcoin and crypto. Between Quadriga CX – which is being labeled as some as the first FTX given the amount of money that’s been lost – and the harsh regulations it’s enforced that have caused some crypto exchanges and related companies to leave, it’s not always considered the best region for crypto innovation, so it’s always positive to see things like this occur.

The Canada event was organized by Daniel and Manuela Carlin, with over a dozen volunteers also giving their time. More than 300 people attended, and tickets were available for between $136 and $377. Daniel expressed great enthusiasm for the industry, and he thinks it’ll go quite far. In an interview, he said:

Bitcoin adoption has been steadily growing over the last number of years, and that will continue. I think it will accelerate. One day, we’ll wake up and it’ll just be a big green candle to the moon.

At the event, Francis Pouliot – the CEO of Bull Bitcoin – unveiled a new mobile app for his enterprise that would allow customers to purchase BTC directly from the Canadian exchange. He released a tweet about the product that read:

Still a bunch of work to do before I’m happy with a release, but testing is still appreciated!

Another startup to make an appearance at the event was called Panties for Bitcoin. It has nothing to do with technology. Rather, creators design underwear with bitcoin logos and images on it. The founder is a man named Pablo, who hails from Argentina and later immigrated to Canada to work as an industrial engineer, though he has 50 years’ experience in fashion and is now getting his son Michael involved in the company. He stated:

Before bitcoin, I was a panty manufacturer. Now, I’m a bitcoin nerd who manufactures panties.

Michael also threw his two cents into the mix, claiming:

So, we have one style of bra and three styles of panties. The next step will be to get a boxer around the time of pacific bitcoin.

Getting Rid of the Pond Scum

Stephan Livera of D-Central was also at the conference. He offered a discussion about self-custody in bitcoin. He was also quick to say that the industry has become saturated with what he called “sh*t coin casinos.” He said:

If you sit by the bank of the river long enough, you can watch the bodies of your enemies float by. So, I think we’ll see that with some of these sh*t coin casinos.

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