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Cash Poker Pro launches an ICO in October 2017


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Although it seems almost impossible, the financial online world keeps growing and it slowly pushes away the traditional way of investments. The era of ICO has come and it has just turned the market upside down. But what exactly do we know about the ICO?

What are we dealing with?

The ICO, known also as an Initial Coin Offering, is a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding method that allows young companies and startups to collect the capital that they need. ICO does not have any regulations and is still a little bit controversial, but definitely, it has its bright sides. Launching an ICO is a faster and easier way for businessmen to get the investors’ attention and interest.

Potential investors would buy a percentage of a new cryptocurrency with a traditional currency or another, virtual one, like Bitcoin. In this way, the whole process of negotiating and looking for vendors that may be interested is skipped and the amount of time that an entrepreneur has saved can be put into developing his company.

Long live the king – Cash Poker Pro!

The team of the ForexNewsNow has chosen the best ICO option of the month to avoid the scams that can happen with untrustworthy companies and attract the investors to the best businesses at the moment. As is it mentioned in an article on ForexNewsNow, this month was all about the Cash Poker Pro.

Cash Poker Pro is a company offering trustable online poker rooms. Online gaming has its little gray areas and it is known that some of the poker companies have the source codes and are able to manipulate the game. Cash Poker Pro, on the other hand, believes in transparent and open online gaming, where everyone can enjoy a little game and actually have a chance to win. The company also has a plan to allow their customers to play games on their mobile devices and messengers .

The Cash Poker ICO starts in just a few days. To keep track of this event you can simply go to their website (you can find it here: https://cashpokerpro.io/), write down your email, and just wait for the exciting news.

What are the features?

  1. The poker room wallet is directly connected with the player’s crypto wallet. This way there is no need to have your transactions approved or risking to have them blocked.
  2. A typical online poker room may pay up to 40% of its income towards various fees: licensing, banking etc. Such fees for Cash Poker Pro are nearly extinct.
  3. No download needed. The software functions as a regular web link and it is available within the most popular messengers, such as whatsapp.
  4. Full transparency is achieved via the blockchain usage. This way nobody can influence the gaming process.
  5. Low operating costs result in having the rake much lower than the competitors. This way Cash Poker Pro’s room stands out from the crowd.
  6. Playing poker using your CASH tokens results in both gaming and dividents.
  7. Full level of privacy during the games and transactions
  8. There is no governmental influence on the platform, hence it is not a subject to any regulations and can be available in all of the geographies.
  9. Investments in Cash Poker Pro ICO let you benefit from the dividends, as you own a part of this poker room.
  10. CASH token holders will get a fair distribution of the poker room’s income.

What are the costs?

Price for one token is 0,0018 ETH. On the Cash Poker Pro site it is clearly explained how does the number of tokens work for your CASH. The percentage of CASH grows if you buy more tokens. For their first investors, the Cash Poker Pro has planned something special – depending on how fast you invest, you get an extra bonus of 3%, 2%, 1% (the percentage of the bonus goes respectively if you invest in the 1st, 2nd, or the 3rd week of the ICO).

If you feel like you want to learn more about the Cash Poker Pro, don’t hesitate and visit some of their social media channels.

You can find them on Twitter (https://twitter.com/CashPokPro)

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/cashpoker/)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cashppro)

GitHub (https://github.com/cashpokerpro-dev/).

A new era of online poker?

The launch of the ICO Cash Poker Pro is planned for the next week. In just 8 days the investors will be able to support the company and give it a chance to revolutionize the online gaming market.

The Cash Poker Pro’s aim is to create a trustable and decentralized area, where poker enthusiasts can enjoy a fair game. The feature that would be contrasting with all the other online poker websites is that Cash Poker Pro wants to use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to give every player an equal chance to win. Their idea of random number generator will be based on blockchain technology.

Is there anything to worry about?

The ICO investments, despite their growing popularity (or actually because of it), are being more and more often used by unfair companies that scam people. The problem of ICO is that after investing in a startup or a certain project, there is not really a way to execute the development of it. Online investors became an easy prey for basically anonymous people, playing the businessmen.

However, that’s the part where ForexNewsNow came onto the stage and is trying to help people how to choose wisely. It was not without a reason that Cash Poker Pro became the number one ICO of the month October 2017 and potential investors can be sure that their money would be well spent.


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